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Movie Review: ‘True Grit’

December 22, 2010
Movie Review: ‘True Grit’

Just go ahead and give Mattie Ross whatever it is she demands. Trying to bargain with this 14 year old , played by Hailee Steinfeld, will leave you weakened and bewildered. Her relentless pursuit of justice for the murder of her father calls upon her vast reserve of cunning, quick wits, and masterful tongue....
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Documentary Review: ‘Cool It’

November 12, 2010
Documentary Review:  ‘Cool It’

When a plant in China can make more money by producing a toxin and then accepting offsets to destroy it than they actually make on their product,  we know it’s time for the next important chapter in our handling of climate change. Cool It succinctly and simply explains what our approach should look like....
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