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TV’s 5 Most Stylish Dads: Steal Their Fashion for Your Man

June 20, 2013

Stumped on gifts to give the man in your life? Inject some style into the father figure in your life by taking a cue from some of the most fashionable dads on television. Here are five of our favorite trendsetting guys, who can all be found on shows provided by

Phil Dunphy, ‘Modern Family’ — ABC

1.) Phil Dunphy is a cool dad with a friendly, approachable vibe and an effortless, all-American look characterized by the old college tees and semi-casual button-down shirts. To emulate his style, check out these stores:

  • You can find button-down, casual shirts here for around $25 each. Classic-fit casual pants average $40 a pair. If you want him to be really comfy, consider a graphic tee. These shirts range from $15 to $25.
  • There are big and tall sizes available here, and long-sleeve and short-sleeve casual button-down shirts have an average cost of $24 each. No-iron pants start at around $50.

Maxwell Sheffield, ‘The Nanny’ — Nickelodeon

2.) As a Broadway producer, Maxwell Sheffield is a guy who always needs to look dapper, with a style that is heavy on designer sweaters, tailored suits and broad, silk neckties. If you want your guy to resemble the classy and elegant look worn by Sheffield, here are a few places you can go:

  • Cashmere sweaters range from $400 to $700. Silk ties are $65 to $130. A tailored, Ralph Lauren Black Label suit costs around $1,900.
  • Designer sweaters range from around $280 to $700.

Walter White, ‘Breaking Bad’ — AMC

3.) Admittedly, Walter White’s meth-cooking wardrobe leaves much to be desired, but his style when he is not working as a cook must be appreciated. As a chemistry teacher, Walter wears casual, button-down shirts with lots of shades of brown and green. When he heads out to meet with prospective buyers, he creates another persona, Heisenberg, who has a style all his own. A black jacket, dark sunglasses and a pork pie black hat define Heisenberg. Here are some spots to steal Walt’s style:

  • A lightweight, zip-up front, black jacket is available for around $50. There are also big and tall sizes available here.
  • A replica of Heisenberg’s sunglasses is available here for $18.
  • There is a variety of pork pie hats, with prices ranging from about $80-$200.

As mentioned previously, Kohl’s and J.C. Penney both carry casual button-down shirts.

Cliff Huxtable, ‘The Cosby Show’ — Centric

4.) A stunning wife, great-looking children, a magnificent home, a wardrobe full of colorful and patterned sweaters — what more can a man ask for? If your man is fun like Dr. Huxtable, he may enjoy a closet full of lively sweater options, as well. Because Father’s Day is in the hot month of June, at some stores, the place to find sweaters is in the clearance section.

  • You can find patterned and colorful sweaters in the clearance section, ranging from $11-$20.
  • Cardigans and sweaters are available here, with prices ranging from $20-$330.

Nucky Thompson, ‘Boardwalk Empire’ — HBO

5.) He may be a character that lived almost 100 years ago, but Nucky Thompson inspires stellar fashion choices today. The politician looks great in patterned suits, vests, ties, high-collared shirts, and wingtip shoes, representing the fashion apparel from the ’20s beautifully. If you want your man to look like he went back in time to the days of Prohibition, or if you just want to up his fashion game with chic-tailored pieces, go here:

  • Pinstripe suits in several colors and styles range from $139-$160. Stitched-patterned suits in various colors cost between $200-$240, and neckties start at around $40.
  • Dress shirts cost from $20-$40 and generally include a patterned necktie. Wingtip shoes range from $40-$80.

Who is your favorite stylish TV dad? Let us know in the comments.

Photo by Flickr user Dean Michaud  

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