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4 Moments From Fashion TV-From Iconic To Ironic

February 19, 2013

We decided to take a look at some moments from fashion TV to look forward to in 2013. They range from the iconic to the ironic. Check out our selections …

Fashion designer Anna Sui doesn’t care much for the attitude she sees from design contestants on reality TV shows.

“Its kind of skewing what we do and I think that kids are coming up in this world thinking thats how to behave and I dont know if thats right, Sui told the New York Daily News. As a guest judge on “Project Runway” last September, Sui got a first-hand look at the designer divas and says they should focus their energy on technique, not tantrums.

But the truth is, it’s the tantrums that get the ratings. The drama that unfolds on these reality shows glues us to the TV for more. TV show blog says the more dramatic the better. There’s a reason shows like MTV’s “Jersey Shore” were some of the highest rated on cable TV.

But we’re not here for bright makeup and bad spray-on tans.

Katherine Webb Joins ‘Celebrity Diving’

Since her impromptu TV appearance during the BCS Championship, Katherine Webb became more famous than the game she was there to watch. Girlfriend of Alabama QB A.J. McCarron, Webb’s Twitter following went from about 2,000 to 175,000 overnight after her face went live on national television.

So what’s next? Give her a reality show. According to Yahoo! TV, Webb will appear on ABC’s “Celebrity Diving” this year, competing against other celebrities both male and female. It isn’t a fashion competition, but Webb will be sporting a bikini for the cameras just like she did for Miss USA.

Naomi Campbell Gets Mean on ‘The Face’

The Oxygen (TV channel) just released the first episode of “The Face,” a reality-TV modeling competition hosted by Naomi Campbell, Cho Rocha and Karolina Kurkova, and the Style Bistro is already calling it, “the meanest fashion reality show ever.”

A bold accusation, but even in the very first episode, 12 contestants were eliminated after posing in bikinis without makeup. The requirements for winning this one don’t look very easy and the judges aren’t holding back. You can watch the brutal first episode on Oxygen’s website.

‘Rachel Zoe Project’ Gets Fifth Season

“Every other day there’s something I’m dealing drugs, I’m starving people. I have never done a drug in my life.”

That’s Rachel Zoe on tabloid rumors, and just one of the many zany quotes she’s known for on her show, “The Rachel Zoe Project.” Bravo’s hit reality show follows the stylist-turned-designer through her day-to-day routine, both personal and professional. Despite early rumors of cancellation, “Rachel Zoe” will get a chance at a fifth season, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Jessica Simpson Slims for ‘Fashion Star’

Jessica Simpson’s moments in the spotlight aren’t always positive, but the mom got to show off her hot pictures on the set of Fashion Star, US Weekly reported this past month. The pictures show off Jessica’s body after her slim down and before her second pregnancy. Simpson will serve as a mentor for the second season of the show on NBC and shed nearly 70 pounds to prepare for the premiere. She’ll be joined by John Varvatos, Nicole Richie and Louise Roe as the new host. The first episode premieres Mar. 8.


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