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Reality Shows That Ended Up Being Staged

February 7, 2013

Ever watch “Storage Wars” and think all that treasure unearthed from all those storage lockers seemed a little, well, too good to be true?

“Storage Wars”

Turns out you may be on to something. Dave Hester, a former star of the A&E reality show known for his bellowing bidding style, recently filed a lawsuit against the network, according to a story posted on Fox News. Hes suing for more than $750,000 and not only calls the cable TV show a fake but also alleges he was let go after telling AE that he objected to parts of “Storage Wars” being staged. Hester contends that the series producers “plant valuable items in the units to presumably make the show more interesting,” the article says, citing an article that first appeared on RadarOnline. If you don’t already watch the show and want to be a reality TV legitimacy checker for yourself, companies like provide the necessary channels to become your own judge of the reality TV show.

A representative for the show which, for the uninitiated, chronicles the adventures of folks who bid on the contents of sight-unseen storage lockers in hopes of turning a profit has nevertheless denied knowledge of the lawsuit, the piece adds.

Of course, Hesters lawsuit and other like it may be a laughing matter for many viewers who take the “reality” in reality TV with a lot more than just a grain of salt. After all, plenty of these theoretically unscripted shows have already come under scrutiny for their legitimacy.

Other Unreal Reality TV Shows

Screen Junkies has a list of “9 Completely Fake Reality Shows,” targeting such programs as:

  1. “Keeping up with the Kardashians” “Whats most interesting to me,” the author says, “is that this is a show that follows Kim Kardashian through her day-to-day life, yet no one is really sure what the hell she does besides getting paid to show up places in Las Vegas.”
  2. “The Bachelor” – “The fact that this show and its off-shoots and imitators have been on the air for a decade now is really disconcerting.”
  3. “Joe Millionaire” This earlier show “wore its fake-ness on its sleeve to awesome effect,” the writer enthuses.

In more recent news, the authenticity of TLCs “Breaking Amish” was called into question just a few months ago, and an even newer series, “Amish Mafia” which premiered in December 2012 on the Discovery Channel, has also garnered attention for the same reason. ABC News “notes that the episodes contains [sic] re-enactments that are based on stories that are the God-honest truth,” and adds that the network will include a disclaimer at the start of each “Amish Mafia” episode.

The reality for the viewing public is that, for now, there’s no end in sight to reality shows or the criticism that follows them.


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One Response to “ Reality Shows That Ended Up Being Staged ”

  1. Stephanie on February 8, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    I always figured they were staged. I wonder if american pickers are and pawn stars are staged, sometimes itreallyseems like they are.