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“Breaking Bad” Sugar Crystals

July 27, 2012

Blue Sky. Big Blue. Big Magic. Fans of AMC’s smash-hit “Breaking Bad” will recognize these phrases as the street names of the crystal methamphetamine manufactured by chemistry teacher Walter White and drug dealer Jesse Pinkman. One of the greatest television dramas and character studies in the history of the medium is sadly in its final season. What better way to celebrate the end of TV’s most compelling show than with a “Breaking Bad” watching parties featuring your very own stash of Blue Sky?

Before you start Googling the closest franchise location of Los Pollos Hermanos (the chicken restaurant chain used by Gus Fring to distribute meth for those of you rusty on your “Breaking Bad” trivia), consider making your own supply! Since even Jesse Pinkman can’t make a great batch of crystal meth without the help of his teacher Walter “Heisenberg” White, here’s a recipe for something infinitely easier than creating phenylacetone followed by reductive amination: making sugar candy.

Not only is sugar candy simpler to make, but it also reduces the risk of Drug Enforcement Agency agents like Walter’s brother Hank interrupting your party for smelling up the neighborhood. If you feel silly throwing a party with bags of blue rock sugar lying around, don’t: the show uses the same recipe to make Blue Sky on-screen props.

Here is a foolproof recipe for creating Blue Sky for your “Breaking Bad” party:

    1.Gather supplies

Rock candy couldn’t be cheaper to make. It’s simply sugar, water, and food coloring. Here’s what you need to gather:

  • 3 cups sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • blue food coloring
  • clean glass jar
  • cotton string
  • pencil or knife
  • pot
  • microwave or stove
    2. Combine sugar and water into a sauce pot. Stir the mixture constantly as the mixture heats to a boil. Watch the mixture carefully because you want it to reach boiling, but not get any hotter. If it cooks for too long or gets too hot, you’ll end up with hard candy and fail to reach Blue Sky authenticity.
    3. Stir until the sugar has completely dissolved. The mixture should be clear.
    4. Add the blue food coloring to the pot and stir until it reaches the desired Big Magic Blue color.
    5. Place the blue sugar syrup pot in the fridge to cool. You are aiming for 50°F, just below room temperature, so do not leave it in for too long.
    6. Tie your rough and non-toxic cotton string to a pencil or knife
    7. Rest the pencil or knife on the top of your jar so the string hangs into the jar without touching the sides or bottom of the jar.
    8. Dip the string into a small amount of the sugar syrup to dampen the string.
    9. Remove the cooled sugar syrup from the fridge and pour it into your clean jar. Place the string dangling from the pencil or knife into the sugar liquid. Place a paper towel on top of the clean jar to prevent the solution from becoming contaminated.
    10. Leave the jar somewhere it will not be disturbed and check on the crystals daily. Within four to seven days, you should have an impressive string of rock crystals attached to the string.
    11. If more crystals are being formed on the side or bottom of the jar instead of on the string, remove the string. Then pour the solution back into the sauce pan, bring it to a boil, and then cool it in the fridge again. Pour the solution into a clean jar and re-suspend the string.
    12. Once you have a string of rock candy, break it into small shards and place them in plastic baggies – just as Jesse Pinkman would do.

The fifth and final season of “Breaking Bad” premiered on July 15 and continues with a new episode every Sunday. What creative ideas do you have for throwing a killer “Breaking Bad” themed party?

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