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Celebrity Apprentice: Ad Hawk

April 9, 2012

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t hoping for another explosive blowup between Arsenio and Aubrey this week – he basically said everything I was feeling toward Aubrey last week, pointing out her overuse of “I,” “me,” and “my,” taking credit for damn near everything, and, yes, shoving the box aside. But after a week, I kind of cooled down, and whether Arsenio meant his apology or not, it was the right thing to do – he nailed it in the Boardroom when he said, “I got the right results with the wrong language.”

Their differences brushed aside, at least for the time being, this week it was Lou versus Lisa. Lou’s been hanging on by a thread for a while now, and he and the team seemed to know it.

The challenge this week was to create a 60-second commercial for, a subscriber-based coupon site. Immediately I expected Lou to volunteer himself to star, but there was a palpable sense that he didn’t fit in with the group, and I think he knew it. And while he chose to sit back and snipe at the other three, Dayana stepped up to, I think, mainly prove to Lisa that she’s just not another pretty face.

I honestly don’t know where the deep animosity Lisa seems to have for Dayana comes from – Miss Universe has a more successful track record than Lisa’s pal Aubrey – but it was another riff that was put aside, and Lisa was more than willing to admit that Dayana did a pretty damn good job, largely because she left Lisa alone. Lou could have learned something about seizing opportunities from Dayana, instead, I think he suspected that he was being set up, and by constantly reiterating the need for “more angles!” it gave him something to hold against the team in the Boardroom.

And Penn was gone for the second time, which stunk because I love watching Penn at work, and while he certainly contributed, I was surprised that his absence wasn’t brought up more in the Boardroom.

On Unanimous, Paul, Sr. gets yet another moment to shine, donning a green sweater and some red hair dye to play Aubrey’s father in a risque skit that somehow tied in sex with savings. It’s a silly gimmick, but it pays off, and for all Aubrey’s complaints about project manager Teresa’s direction, it didn’t look that bad. Though I was left wondering where Clay and Arsenio were throughout the task – Arsenio came up with the idea, and Clay, bless his filthy mind, wrote the script, but they kind of disappear after that. It’s another highlight to see Ivanka’s reaction to Paul – well, it’s always nice to see Ivanka, who seems to be the smartest of the Trumps; Don, Jr. just reminds me of Gabe from The Office.

In the Boardroom, Forte gets chided for not using its stars, something I thought Lou would have pounced on, but instead he kills the cat by threatening Lisa, who sees that as her chance to bear fangs and let him have it.

Dayana, as always, just sits back and lets the two go at it, which seems to be the best strategy for anyone, as does Penn, whose disinterest in the game seems to be growing, as noted in his recent column on the Huffington Post discussing the Blue Man Group incident from last week.

But everything is going against Lou; Don tries to conjure up some lame-ass poke at not having Penn and Dayana play the couple, which would have been grounds for firing had they done it, however the threat, the lack of ideas, and worst of all, Lou’s preference for Unanimous’s ad over his own team’s finally knock him out – somewhere Dee Snider’s cheering.

That leaves Paul, Sr., Aubrey, Clay, Teresa, and Arsenio for Unanimous and Penn, Lisa, and Dayana for Forte. I believe Clay’s moved over to Forte next week, doubtless to mine his previous spat with Penn for some drama, but seeing as how the next challenge appears to be a puppet show, having almost all the big performers on Forte may seal the fate of Unanimous. Lisa takes the reins next week, which is surprising, I could have sworn it’d be Penn, and Paul steps up again. As much as I’d like to see Penn win it all, I don’t think he will – for my money, it’s going to come down to Clay, Lisa, and Paul. I think Teresa’s getting the ax next week.


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