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Frothygirlz Oscar Picks!

February 21, 2012

It’s time for us to offer up our favorite non-nose-related picks! In fact, to avoid any confusion, let’s change that right now from “picks” to “selections.” We’ll add more contributors’ selections as they come in.

Grace’s Selections:

Picture: The Artist. Moneyball is a good movie but doesn’t transcend well-made Hollywood biopic. Descendants is my least favorite Alex Payne movie ever. EL&IC – the less said the better. With so much controversy and historical revisionism talk, The Help is a dark horse. I think it has a better shot in the actresses categories. Tree of Life – I can’t see it taking the whole banana but it’s certainly my #2 pic for director.

Director: Michel Hazanavicius. Not many choices for me in this category as I detested Midnight in Paris and was less than crazy about Descendants and Hugo.

Actor: Jean Dujardin is the man to beat. He is the best thing in a great movie. George Clooney, so overrated in a vastly overrated movie. Demián Bichir is phenomenal, such a wonderful performance in an extremely mediocre film. Pitt is fine in a fine movie but again but hardly Oscar material IMHO. Gary Oldman in Tinker Tailor is my personal favorite but a very long shot.

Actress: Viola Davis in The Help. The end. I’m sorry to have to say about Iron Lady, starring one of my favorite actresses in one of the few woman-directed films this year, that it seemed pointless to me. And the sad thing is that it did seem to have a point at one time but it got lost in all that doddering hallucinating-my-husband-is-still-alive business. Not nominated but should have been: Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids. Wiig created a very real and complex character who was totally familiar even as she surprised us. And she was both hilariously funny AND touching—a rare and very difficult combination.

Supporting Actor: Captain Von Trapp in Beginners. A wonderful role in a beautiful movie for a beloved aged actor. I think this is as open and shut a category as they come.

Supporting Actress: This is much tighter than the actress category. Will probably go to Octavia Spencer of The Help, which will be wonderful. But is richly deserved by Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids and Jessica Chastain, though not necessarily for The Helpas much as for everything she’s been in this year.

Original Screenplay: If it goes to Midnight in Paris, as I’m afraid it will, I will be extremely disappointed. I freaking HATED that movie. Hated. Hoping it will go to A Separation, a most worthy win and a wonderful precedent, since this is the first foreign film ever to be nominated outside the Foreign Film category. However, in my secret heart of hearts that knows this is absolutely not going to happen, I would so like a win for Bridesmaids, a movie that I think is smarter and more important than anyone gave it credit for because they were so distracted by the gross-out factor.

Adapted Screenplay: You already know how I feel about Descendants, although I hold a special loathing in my heart for its screenplay, with its pseduo-literary voiceover. Although it’s precisely this pretentious overwritten prattle that make people feel congratulatorily proud of themselves while watching and may very well win it the Oscar. Ides of March was an enjoyable movie whose good performances outshine its imperfect screenplay. Hugo – big eh. Moneyball – the best of what Hollywood does, but not much more. Leading us to my favorite (but unfortunately, the dark horse) - Tinker Tailor.

Nat’s Selections:

Picture: The Artist. Hesitant as I am to go with a movie about Hollywood (which, surprisingly, don’t tend to win Oscars), this seems pretty open and shut, though I could see The Descendants or possibly Hugo getting it.

Director: Michel Hazanavicius. I enjoyed all the films on the list, and Scorsese and Allen are the only other ones I think have a chance, though they already have their Oscars, and if The Artist is the shoe-in, it’s pretty obvious that Hazanavicius will get it.

Actor: Jean Dujardin. Clooney is a very close second, at least closer than most critics I’ve read seem to think. Both performers are excellent, though Dujardin is my personal favorite and has the silent-performance aspect on his side.

Actress: Viola Davis. I didn’t see The Help, but I figure it’s got to get something, and she seems like the front runner. I wouldn’t discount Streep for The Iron Lady either, because everybody loves an impersonation, though I would discount Glenn Close for Albert Nobbs. My favorite performance, however, is Rooney Mara, and not simply because she gets nekkid.

Supporting Actor: Plummer’s been the man to beat all year. The fact that anyone remembers Beginners when it came out in June seems like a pretty clear indication that he’s got this one in the bag.

Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer for The Help. Again, didn’t see it, but…yeah. I don’t think the fact that The Help has two supporting actresses in this category means they’ll cancel each other out. Though I could also see Berenice Bejo getting it, too. But why is she in supporting actress? And finally, I’m with Grace: McCarthy would be a great win.

Original Screenplay: Midnight in Paris. I liked it a lot more than Grace, and while I think A Separation should win, too, the sci-fi-historical-drama angle of Midnight may push it over the edge.

Adapted Screenplay: Hmm. The Descendants. Though, again with Grace, I’d prefer Tinker, Tailor.

Foreign Language: A Separation. And it should win, too.

Animated: Rango. Chico & Rita in a distant second.

Animated Short: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

Live-action Short: Raju. Though The Shore is close behind. I’d prefer to see Time Freak get it. Just not Pentecost.


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