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Almost Locals Only: Carnage with The Woman in Black and a Pawn Stars drinking game

February 13, 2012

On this episode of the Almost Locals Only podcast John and Nat discuss Carnage. They also compare the 1989 BBC version of The Woman in Black to the 2012 release staring Daniel Radcliffe, and in the December release catch up visit The Descendants.

Show notes (podcast recorded Thursday February 2, run time 1hr 17mins Intro Music “Black History Month” Death From Above 1979 Outro music The theme to the Disney Afternoon.)

The Pawn Stars drinking game – by Nat

Pawn Stars Drinking Game:

1 shot: every time someone shakes hands; every time Rick calls in an appraiser; every time Rick asks whether someone wants to pawn or sell something; every time you see the Jimi Hendrix picture in the background;  every time a sound cue inspired by the last thing someone said plays (i.e. someone says “I don’t want to be a chicken” cue a chicken clucking)

2 shots: every time Hoss makes a stupid purchase; every time Chumlee tests something out; every time someone with a tattoo comes in; every time something’s restored

3 shots: every time the camera shows Antuan sleeping; every time you see The Old Man’s eyes; every time The Old Man offers $50 for something

4 shots: every time The Old Man writes something up or pays more for something than the seller offers

5 shots: every time Chumlee makes a sale

You can listen to the podcast using the player at the top of the post, or by down loading the MP3. Were working on getting an RSS feed and iTunes set back up but are waiting for the launch of our new web site prior to doing so.

The next episode of Almost Locals Only returns with a review of Chronicle, Safe House and The Girl With the Dragoon Tattoo right here.

Almost Locals Only is a co-production of and Executive Producers are Ryan Davis & Shannon Hood.


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One Response to “ Almost Locals Only: Carnage with The Woman in Black and a Pawn Stars drinking game ”

  1. Nat Almirall on February 14, 2012 at 8:44 am

    I’d also add: 1 shot: every time there’s an establishing shot that focuses on a shopper’s cleavage.