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Eye Candy: Maria Calderon

February 9, 2012

'Like a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes', Maria Calderon

There is something very interesting about our perception of space and our relationship with it when viewing art. Large-scale paintings push the viewer back away from them – to better get an overall view, while smaller works tend to bring the viewer in very close to better take in the little details. Maria Calderon’s pastel paintings – because of their scale (human-sized), content (portraits which gaze directly at the viewer) and presentation (beautifully decorated platforms are placed in front of each piece, inviting the viewer to climb and be at eye-level with the piece itself) – engage the viewer in a completely different way. Communion is a word that comes to mind, for more reasons than one.

At the opening of her new exhibit, ‘Energetic Ceremony, Messengers of Light and The Power of

my daughter, showing me how it's done!

Intention’, Maria – along with other artists and friends – created an interactive installation with sensory awareness stations, inviting all individuals to participate in the show.  Entering the exhibition area was not unlike walking into a sacred or revered space – like a temple – only one in which talking, smiling and giggling was welcome. The experience was tremendous, I felt such a positive shift in mood and climate as I moved from one station to the next along colorful burlap runners. The artwork itself is stunning – to properly view each piece, the viewer is encouraged to sit upon the ziggurat-like sculptures which face the portraits. It’s both confrontational and intimate, to stare directly at Calderon’s pastel portraits – which are beautifully rendered and immersed in a swirling universe of pattern and color.

Maria Calderon’s ‘Energetic Ceremony, Messengers of Light and The Power of Intention’ is an invitation to experience our humanity in a positive, creative and communal environment. For those of you who were unable to attend the opening, a closing ceremony will be held on February 24, 2012 from 6-9 at the Mattie Rhodes Gallery, 919 W. 17th Street , Kansas City, MO.

I highly recommend attending!

Maria Calderon – The Power of Intention from Maria Calderon on Vimeo.


For additional information about the closing ceremony, please visit the Facebook page here.

To see more of Maria’s work, visit her website here at





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