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SNL Highlights: Katy Perry

December 11, 2011

So what did you think of Katy’s hosting gig last night on SNL?  I thought she did an admirable job, but I didn’t think the episode as a whole was very strong. Precious few “highlights”, but here are some of my favorite skits from last night. BTW, I can’t decide whether Robyn (the musical guest) was lip syncing or not, but I am leaning toward yes. I’ll post one of her performances, and you can be the judge.

The cold open was a ho-hum political skit featuring Donald Trump making an ass of himself. Really not worth posting. We also got another J-Pop Talk Show skit featuring the teens who are obsessed with Japanese pop culture, and it was not funny, despite featuring Perry as a Hello Kitty guru. A fake ad for the follow-up to the New Year’s Eve movie was worth watching, if only for Bill Hader’s dead on Alan Alda impersonation.

The digital skit “Best Friends” featured Perry, Andy Samberg and guest star Matt Damon as a homeless man. Silly, but fun.

Weekend update this week was a goldmine, and one of the highlights of the show. Kristin Wiig played Rebecca Larue, a “flirting” expert. We also got Stefon (always welcome) and Alec Baldwin made an appearance as the pilot of the American Airlines flight that he got kicked off of last week.

Rebecca Larue:


Alec Baldwin:

A skit advertising the soundtrack to fictitious film Doggie Duty was pretty good, because it featured lots of impressions (Randy Newman, Clint Eastwood, Gwen Stefani) certainly worth a watch. Loved Clint Eastwood’s pants pulled up to his armpits.

“One Magical Night” was buried at the end of the episode, but I liked it quite a bit.

Robyn is touring with Perry, so it made sense that she was musical guest. Here she is singing “Dancing on my Own”



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