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Warning: You Can’t Unsee This “Kiss”

December 2, 2011

I got home from work today and saw that pop culture land was all hot and bothered over this stomach-churning “kiss” in a trailer for a new TLC series called Virgin Diaries. The show will chronicle couples in their twenties, thirties and forties who have saved themselves for marriage. Commendable? ¬†Sure. I’ve got no qualms there. Except the couple featured in this clip took it several steps further. They have never even kissed. They are waiting until their wedding day to swap spit. Hmm. Instead the two partake in scandalous behavior like rubbing noses and going in for “pretend” kisses, only to pull themselves back from the devious act at the last second. Very uncomfortable to watch.

That’s nothing compared to their wedding kiss, witnessed toward the end of the clip. It’s a disaster on every level. That, dear friends, is no kiss. It’s flat out assault, and I am still convinced that the film had to have been sped up. Their lips move at the speed of sound. Incredible.



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