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KIFF: Day Six in Review

October 6, 2011

Only one day left! Here’s a summary of a few of the films shown Wednesday, October 5.

Natural Selection. Directed by Robbie Pickering.

A barren Christian woman named Linda (Rachael Harris) has just learned that her husband had a stroke while donating to a sperm bank. On his death bed, she believes that he makes a final request is to meet his biological child so she goes on a journey to locate and bring back his first born son. Raymond (Matt O’Leary) is what she finds and hardly what she could have expected: a greasy, drugged out criminal. Natural Selection is entertaining from start to finish with stellar performances that are as honest as they are hilarious. It has won a multitude of awards including this year’s Jury Award at KIFF for Best Narrative. There is plenty of buzz floating around on this one. Check out our full review below:

eMANcipation.Directed by Philipp Müller-Dorn

The stigma surrounding battered women is very different from that of abused men even though the struggles are very similar. eMANcipation, a German film, illustrates this through the story of Dominik Liebmann (Urs Stämpfli), a timid man who joins a men’s shelter. He begins group counseling and retells the story of his relationship with Angela (Frances Heller) a woman with whom he has shared his greatest romance as well as his greatest torment. Blending heavy drama with black comedy, including a visual style oftentimes reminiscent of Jean-Pierre Jeunet (of Amelie fame), the film is unafraid to examine a taboo subject with a playful eye.


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