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KIFF: Day Five in Review

October 5, 2011

The movies just keep coming!  Here’s a rundown of the night:

Red Light Revolution. Directed by Sam Voutas.

Red Light Revolution is the story of a down on his luck, Beijinger who opens a sex shop in the attempts of making some fast cash. Not the sort of plot that makes me rush to go buy a ticket, but it is a charming film that is entertaining throughout. Apparently 70% of the sex toys in the world are manufactured in China, but it is still a topic considered taboo and distasteful.  Because of this it appears that the subject matter was risqué enough, the rest of the film plays it safe and excluding a bit of language is quite polite. I’m telling you though, it really is funny.  A comedy about the clash between modern-day culture and traditional values, Red Light Revolution finds a nice balance between the two.

Atomic Mom. Directed by M.T. Silvia.

The stereotypical image of the average mother in the 1950s usually consists of pearls, vacuum cleaners and freshly baked pie. Director M.T. Silvia’s, as a child, felt that her mom, Pauline’s life was much more glamorous. Pauline worked for the government working on the atomic bomb. However, as an adult and an anti-war advocate, this is something that M.T. has spent years coming to terms with. Atomic Mom is an attempt, not to place blame, but instead a search for answers. It is a touching and informative film, about finding understanding and inevitably, striving for peace.

Animated Shorts.

There were too many to name, but quite a few of the shorts this year were equal parts beautiful and entertaining. Here’s a sampling of some of my personal faves from the night.

“Ting & Juma in ‘Zapped!’”


“Deux Petits Bateaux”

Deux Petits Bateaux from Kate Raney on Vimeo.


“Clocked In”


“Friday Night Tights”



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