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SNL Highlights: Melissa McCarthy

October 2, 2011

Can we just get this lady to host every week?  She provided some of the best skits that I have seen in a long time on SNL, and she did it with complete aplomb and gusto. When she wasn’t on screen, the show was mostly ho-hum (in other words, what we have come to expect). Here are some of the highlights from last night’s show, plus a bonus Netflix skit that didn’t make the show, but should have.

The cold open was a return to ”The Lawrence Welk Show”, featuring our favorite developmentally challenged miscreant, Eunice (Kristin Wiig). She was joined by her creepy sister, played by McCarthy, who sported giant muscular he-man arms and bucky beaver teef teeth. Not my favorite skit of the evening, but it will do in a pinch.

I might be in a minority, but I didn’t care much for McCarthy’s monologue. Yet another song/dance routine. I’m really sick of every guest breaking into song or dance, but McCarthy was warm, cute and  enthusiastic, and was joined by her Bridesmaids buddy Kristin Wiig, who has some seriously good get away sticks (legs, y’all”).  The SNL commercial parody of Lil’ Poundcake doll (she gives your daughter HPV virus vaccinations) was okay, but things really got going with the “Arlene” skit. McCarthy plays a completely inappropriate office worker lusting after/harassing her office mate Tim (Jason Sudeikis). McCarthy was absolutely hilarious and unabashed.

The Digital Short was a parody of Stomp, headed by Andy Samberg and Bill Hader as policemen. Mildly funny. “The Internet Comments Show” poked some fun at some of the internet trolls that hide behind their online personas. All true.

Weekend Update was fine, but the highlight was a bit making fun of Tyler Perry’s status as the highest paid man in entertainment.  States the obvious, but I liked the honesty.

Now for the crowning glory of the entire show. McCarthy plays a frumpy Hidden Valley Ranch taste tester who is bound and determined to win the $50 cash reward for best comment of the day. She’s stoked because it will be enough to get her out of “a few jams”. Her Dr. Spock sweatshirt is to die for. McCarthy killed it, and watching her chug a bottle of Ranch dressing is not something easily forgotten. This is bound to become a classic skit, and this is precisely why I want more McCarthy, all the time.

Finally, as promised, here is that Netflix skit that didn’t show up on the live show. Overall, a niec treat for all us loyal fans.





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  1. Emma - Chicago on October 3, 2011 at 8:44 am

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