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Moms Who Make Me Sad

September 8, 2011

I submerge myself in the world of pop culture so I don’t have to face the realities of all the scary stuff going on in the world. But lately, my cozy escape has been infiltrated by a bunch of shitty moms who make me really sad. I’m well aware that I probably will never be picking up an award for mother of the year, but I have a modicum of common sense, something these parents are sorely lacking.

Prosti-tot Moms:

I don’t get the whole child beauty pageant thing, but Toddlers and Tiaras makes for some good television. Dressing up your toddler in wigs, drag-queen makeup and questionable clothing is creepy, but this goes way, way beyond. This little girl was paraded around as a prostitute (Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman). How on earth would any mother ever think this was a good idea?  Then again, this is a mom who voluntarily named her newborn Paisley. Go figure.

Did you think that was bad? You haven’t seen the little girl who dresses up like Dolly Parton-complete with fake boobs and butt. This 4 year-old will will have implants by the age of 10.(Toddlers and Tiaras airs on TLC.)


Dina Lohan:

After the whole world saw cute and talented Lindsay Lohan implode, you would think that mom Dina would swoop in and protect her younger sister Ali. Nope, you thought wrong. These photos emerged yesterday, and I really felt sick. Ali is seventeen years old. At the very least she has a raging eating disorder, but it appears she has had complete facial reconstruction. SHE’S SEVENTEEN!  WTF.  How could you stand by and watch this happen to your daughter?  Sick, sick, sick.

2009 (left), 2011 (right)

Everyone on Dance Moms:

These moms pay to have their children berated and belittled by a toad of a woman named Abby. She has no reservations about screaming at the children, and their mothers. She tells the moms that dance comes before school, and the moms comply. One mother was temporarily shunned because she had the audacity to attend her own PHD graduation ceremony rather than attend that weekend’s dance competition. These parents put up with the wicked witch so their children might have a shot at stardom. The sad case with all of the moms is that it is never about the kids, it is all about the adults. Horrible parenting. My kids might not show up on Broadway in a few years, but they won’t spend the rest of their lives at the psychiatrists office, either.


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One Response to “ Moms Who Make Me Sad ”

  1. Rakaziel on September 11, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    I agree with you. Just reading about it makes me sick. I quit watching TV years ago.