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Damage Control: Celebrity Guests From Hell

August 23, 2011

Most of us hate the thought of a huge hotel bill, but for celebrities wreaking havoc in a harmless hotel room is a veritable rite of passage. From drug-fuelled binges to spousal spats, these famous faces have truly earned their chaos credentials.

1.     The Who






Credit: sussexscrapbook

Like most bands from the late sixties, The Who was all about sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The band’s drummer, Keith Moon, also happened to have a penchant for pyrotechnics. In true rocker style, Keith’s 21st birthday at Holiday Inn meant blowing up a toilet with a cherry bomb, starting an apocalyptic food fight and driving a car into the pool. Needless to say, The Who boys were banned from the hotel chain for a lifetime.

 Damages: $24,000


2.     Billy Idol








Credit: MichelleNW

Where do you go when you’re a washed-up pop star? Thailand, of course! Well, you do if you’re Billy Idol and it’s the eighties. The spiky haired rocker spent three weeks popping pills, trashing hotel rooms and pestering prostitutes in Asia’s cultural capital. Billy was eventually dragged out of Bangkok’s Oriental Hotel, but he wasn’t kicking and screaming; the superstar was tranquillised before being strapped to a stretcher.

Damages: $20,000


3.     Amy Winehouse









Credit: proline00

The pint-sized pop star with the big barnet racked up a whopping $18,000 worth of damage at London’s posh Sanderson hotel during a screaming match with her ex-husband. The sozzled singer also thought it would be a good idea to paint the walls with spaghetti sauce in a hotel in Munich.

 Damages: $18,000


4.     Johnny Depp and Kate Moss










Credit: hudson_jeans

Hollywood’s hottest couple were cooling off come the mid-nineties, when they smashed and shouted their way through the night at Manhattan’s posh Mark Hotel. Despite being caught red-handed, Johnny and Kate claimed that an armadillo was responsible for the ruckus.

 Damages: $9,767


5.     Charlie Sheen









Credit: betmil7

Charlie Sheen is infamous for his love of illegal debauchery, so it’s no big surprise that he was caught trashing a fancy New York hotel last year. With his estranged wife and two daughters sleeping across the hall, Charlie had no qualms about getting stark naked, screaming at an escort and chucking chairs and tables around his room. According to his PR people, Sheen’s shocking tantrum was the result of an allergic reaction to his medication…

Damages: $7,000


6.     Courtney Love







Credit: infacinatorinc

It took Kurt Cobain’s car-crash widow just eight hours to rack up $5,000 damages at New York’s The Inn on Irving Place. Famous for her foolhardy partying and nonsensical babbling, Courtney Love lived up to her reputation by leaving stained sanitary items, used syringes and a whole lot of water in her hotel room.

 Damages: $5,000


 7.     Britney Spears











Credit: symbolic8

The blonde bombshell may have got her mood swings under control, but she certainly hasn’t got a good grip on her two kids. While touring in 2009, Britney’s troublesome tots were responsible for an impressive $2,000 worth of damages at the Mohegun Sun Resort. The cheeky chappies yanked down the curtains, scribbled on the walls and smashed an expensive vase in their room.

Damages: $2,000


 8.     Axl Rose











Credit: Copia da Boa

The Guns N’ Roses’ fair-haired frontman got his goatee in a twist outside the Berns Hotel in Sweden. It was 2006, a party was in full swing and Axl was angry that his friends had gone. While swearing at the bewildered staff he gave the hotel walls a good pounding before finding a tasty snack in the form of a security guard’s leg.

 Damages: $1,400


*This post was provided by guest blogger Oliver Archibald.

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