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Breaking Bad Recap: ‘Thirty-Eight Snub’

July 25, 2011

Walt tries out his new gun.

After that nail-biter last week, Breaking Bad gave us a chance to catch our breath with Thirty-Eight Snub. The episode served to propel everyone’s story forward a tad, and it was beautifully shot. I have been very impressed with the cinematography this season. Loved the shots of the party from the Roomba’s point of view; it was original and quirky.

Spoilers Jesse seems to be dealing with the trauma of recent events by surrounding himself with people, buying some time before he has to be alone with his thoughts. He throws a house party, plying his old pals Skinny Pete and Badger with meth (they have been clean). It’s a selfish move to shatter someone’s recovery just because you don’t want to be alone, but it didn’t take much coaxing. The two wage a debate about Zombies in video games. Jesse’s ex-girlfriend Andrea visits his home, questioning whether or not he left an envelope of cash for her in her mailbox. He implores her to move with her son to a better environment. Despite his attempts to keep the party going, all of Jesse’s friends eventually come down and leave the house. Jesse huddles against one of his speakers, all alone.

Walt acquires an illegal gun (hence the title). At first I assumed it was for protection, but as the episode progressed, it became evident that Walt intends to off Gus before Gus can kill him. Walt is painfully out of his element, as evidenced by his awkward attempts to draw his weapon. He starts practicing in his apartment, and the scene is a perfect example of Walt’s duplicitous life. He has this apartment, in the tranquil suburbs, yet he is honing his skills to kill someone.

Walt makes two attempts to get through to Mike. He asks Mike to give him a chance to speak with Gus, after Victor’s replacement shows up in the lab. “You’re never going to see him again,” is Mike’s icy response. Later, Walt goes to Gus’s house, gun in hand, but gets a phone call from Gus telling him to go home. Walt seems a little rattled, knowing he is being watched. He finds Mike in a bar, and tries a different approach-convincing Mike that they are both in the same boat, and utterly disposable. For a fleeting moment, I thought Mike was coming around, but then he basically kicked the crap out of Walt, and left him on the floor.

On the domestic front, Hank is being all kinds of nasty to his doting wife Marie. He has become ever more obsessed with his minerals, and barks orders at Marie. Seems like a clear case of anger displacement. Marie is the only person around, so he takes everything out on her. Betsy Brandt has done a great job conveying Marie’s hope and hurt these first two episodes.

Skylar approaches the owner of the car wash that Walt used to work at, and offers to buy it. The owner says he will sell it for $10 million dollars. Skylar whips out her notebook with all her research and calculations and demonstrates that her offer of $879,000 is more than fair. Now he raises his price to $20 Million, due to the fact that Walt disrespected him when he quit, and sent his “woman” to do business. Skylar fumes and leaves.

Did you like the return of Skinny Pete and Badger? I’m not a fan of those two. What about that blood on Mike’s sleeve? It seemed pretty random, but we all know that nothing is random on Breaking Bad. Why was there a point made to show us that blood?


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