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DIY and Bitchface: I am all over this

July 6, 2011

So, how was your weekend? I hope filled with summer treats of ill-repute and free of burns of any and all degrees. Mine was busy but really nice – I worked some and relaxed some, I met some wonderful people and watched rockets explode in the sky and then I made an adornment for my arm. I am crafty as shit. Lookie!   —————————————————————>

(please excuse the poor photo quality – I’m in the middle of a move and have resorted to using my camera phone as I can’t find my actual camera.

Pssssst, Jackie – I totally still have your awesome frog blanket, I will give it back soon and then we can set a domestic cleaning apparatus on fire!)

I think it’s neat – kind of like an adult take on a friendship bracelet – only far less time-consuming and relatively cheap as the materials (18 brass hex nuts {heee} and three yards of twine) can be purchased for nearly nothing at your local hardware store. This may not be your taste and you may even be thinking to yourself, ‘Oh, Jane’s bracelet that she made herself? BARF.’ But if you are like me and you like this sort of thing, this right here is the link to Honestly…WTF ‘s website, where you will find easy instructions to make your own arm party favor.

I mention this last tidbit because I stumbled across this little online DIY site quite fortuitously via Sara Millionaire’s new website I was a huge fan of her style blog and as such, missed her terribly when she took a hiatus from her blogging duties. Her new site is even better, I think, expanding her focus beyond fashion to include all manner of pop culture, feminist issues and punk rock – it’s good times and she posts really great material.

I was particularly amused by this piece here about chronic BITCHFACE, it really spoke to me. I have a pretty awkward smile when it happens and tend to photograph really, REALLY badly – there is something about a camera that just brings out the worst in my face. As a result – and having seen photographic evidence to support this – I try not to smile to avoid looking insane or ‘touched’ and the results end up with my countenance memorialized in a state of extreme agitation and fury. If I had a nickel for every time someone remarked how superpissed I looked in pictures, I would be sleeping on giant bags of money every night. I would be even richer still if I had a nickel for every time a man told me, ‘Oh, smile honey – it can’t be that bad…’ or, ‘jesus, who died?’ Which – while these comments are both offensive and stupid – leads me to conclude that no matter how relaxed or happy or even elated I may be feeling – my facial expressions exist in a perpetual state of varied discontent.





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One Response to “ DIY and Bitchface: I am all over this ”

  1. Sarah on July 6, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    I have this disorder as well, my sister calls it the “I hate you” face.