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Podcast: Almost Locals Only: Van Gore and the Super 8 kids go through Midnight in Paris

June 13, 2011

On this episode of Almost Locals Only its a special edition! Why is it special? Because we are joined by special award winning guest! In addition to the normal cast of characters with John, Shannon & Nat we are joined by the creative talents behind the Award Winning trailer for VAN GORE! That would be  Director/Writer/editor Keith Hodder, Director/Writer/Editor Peter Strauss and writer/cinematographer/producer Jerrad Pulham! We also have a review for one of the more anticipated films of the summer with J.J. Abrams Super 8. We get pretty into spoilers so fast forward to 14:05 to avoid any if you haven’t seen it yet. Woody Allen’s latest Midnight in Paris opened this week and Shannon and Nat give us their take on a film which some have been calling Allen’s best in a long time. Is it? Find out.  We forgo Cinema News and Views to interview the super nice fellas behind VAN GORE at 26:30. We discuss how Van Gore came into being, throwing babies into fans and the chance of seeing it become a feature length film. Since we were talking trailers, and horror we pit two early autumn horror/thriller trailers releases head to head as Shark Knight 3D squares off against Don’t be afraid of the Dark. From there we get into what we watched which features even more horror and some long gone, and taken too soon TV shows.

Here is the VAN GORE trailer. Check out some of their other work here.

If your in Toronto this weekend on June 17, 18 or 19 you can catch VAN GORE on the big screen playing in front of Hobo With a Shotgun at the Bloor Cinema.

What is Almost Locals Only?  It’s a podcast discussing the latest film releases, movie news, and more.

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On the next ALMOST LOCALS ONLY “the finest podcast on the cineaweb” will have a reviews of Green Lantern and Mr. Poppers Penguins

Almost Locals Only is a co-production of and Executive Producers are Ryan Davis & Shannon Hood. Podcast produced by John Coovert.



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