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Beach Body Week: Doug Slinker On Muscle Function And TRX Suspension Training

May 6, 2011

In the last decade, we have seen a lot more athletes and fitness enthusiasists utilize pulleys (like the pilates reformer) and resistance bands in their workouts. Recently, the TRX suspension training system has started showing up at gyms nationwide. I’ve used the system and loved the unique challenge that the equipment provided. It is truly unlike anything I have tried before.

Here’s a quick explanation of how the system works (from TRX): Exercising on the TRX utilizes gravity and movement to generate neuromuscular responses to changes in body position and mechanical advantage.  You experience these responses as work.  Movements using the TRX integrate strength and balance into a single dynamic format that taxes the nervous system at a high level and maximizes the benefits of bodyweight exercise for faster results.

Doug Slinker (MS, CSCS) is a seasoned personal trainer and strength coach who owns SLINKFIT training center in the Kansas City area (which offers TRX suspension training equipment), and today he is going to explain how their facility can help you achieve lean, toned muscles.

“SLINKFIT is a performance training center where the top athletes and fitness enthusiasts come to take it to the next level and get in the best shape of their lives.  We are purposfully designed and set up to make you look your best and out perform the competition.

You won’t find rows and rows of treadmills, bikes and ellipticals in front of TV sets.  We’ve got a 40 yd indoor running surface, TRX Suspension Training, Kettlebells, Clubbells, Olympic lifting platforms,  plyometric jump boxes, medicine balls and hurdles.  We also have areas designated for movement development, regeneration and cardio conditioning.

While we focus on function first, we can also change the way you look.  Popular culture places a lot of attention on looks and style but doesn’t talk much about the process.  This leaves the public to figure that out on their own.  Unfortunately, all the glitters is not gold…what is commonly thought of as the best way typically isn’t.  Many of my clients come to me out of frustration from methods that don’t work or that have even resulted in injury.

There is nothing wrong with the high intensity of Bootcamps, Crossfit and other similar styles of training that are popular now, but problems occur when movement is compromised and form breaks down, which can lead to injury.

I’ve been in this industry a long time and have seen many trends come and go.  The one constant is the science behind the movement that our bodies were designed for. This tends to get overlooked in the quest to produce rapid changes/results.

Some of the things we talk about from the start are  “fitness from the inside out” and “linking movement with muscle”.  What this means is let’s get you connected to your core musculature.  Notice that I didn’t say strengthen your core.  Ultimately that is the goal, but how can you strengthen something you cannot connect to?

Actually it is possible to do core exercises and still not be “wired” to the core muscles….just because you plank, it doesn’t mean your core is working optimally.  It doesn’t have to be that complicated either, a trainer just need to be able to know what cues to look for.

It’s like the unattractive drab concrete that forms the foundation of a beautiful building.  Most only see the eye appealing and shapely exterior without regard for what it takes to support and maintain the structure on a continual basis.

We like the TRX Suspension Training system because it fits right in with our basic philosophy and the other training methods we use at SLINKFIT. TRX training may be used alone or as a valuable addition in our training toolbox.”

If you live in the Kansas City area, and would like to try two TRX classes for free, contact SLINKFIT at (816) 726-3684  or and mention that you heard about them on to take advantage of this great offer. Be sure to check out their Facebook page. SLINKFIT is located at 5304 Martway Mission, KS  66205

About Doug Slinker:

With more than 20 years as a strength coach and personal trainer, Doug Slinker has a vast experience in developing fitness programs on both small (individual) and large (corporate) scales.  his background includes seven years as the Fitness Director at Farmland Industries, fitness instruction at several Kansas City area colleges and extensive experience in one-on-one personal training.  This background allows him to evaluate the right training approach for all ages and a wide variety of body types, fitness goals and experience levels.
Doug holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education/Biology, a Master’s degree in Physical Education/Athletic Training, plus a full teaching certification-all from the University of Central Missouri.  An in-depth knowledge of physiology fosters a deep understanding of how your body connects, how it metabolizes calories and how it functions at peak performance.
-NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
-NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
-Certified USAW Weightlifting Coach
-Certified RKC Kettlebell Instructor





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