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President Dmitry Medvedev Cuts the Rug

April 21, 2011

Wouldn’t it suck to have anything you do posted to YouTube for all the world to see? Can’t a world leader just go cut the rug without about a bunch of internet jackasses making fun of him?  Nope. I take my swipes wherever I can find them.

This clip shows Russian President Dmitry Medvedev trying to dance to “American Boy” at a class reunion. I must emphasize that I use the word “trying” very loosely. And there is nothing at all loose about the man’s dancing ability.

His smooth moves look like a cross between Mike Myers’ Sprockets character on SNL and the Tin Man on Wizard of Oz. Sad thing is, I am pretty sure he can dance me under the table. Medvedev is the hypnotizing dancer in the silver suit, though the man in the black suit in the foreground threatens to steal his thunder when he whips out the universal hand gesture for “Bette Davis Eyes.”

Source [The Envoy via Yahoo! News]


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