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SNL Highlights: Helen Mirren

April 10, 2011

Helen Mirren played good sport this week, saving many a crappy skit from complete failure. Her singing monologue played on the fact that she is not as prim and proper as most people think she is-she’s a little cheeky under that classy appearance.

That’s the theme that the writers ran with, and a plenty of skits found Mirren in unexpected situations. She played an aging stripper, the goofy Helena Bonham Carter, Mary Shelley, and Eleanor Roosevelt, but the digital short this week gets my vote for the most outrageous of the night.

Much ado has been made of Helen’s bombshell body (particularly for a 65 year old), and in the digital short, Nassim Pedrad and Kristen Wiig come in her dressing room to cop a feel of Mirren’s breasts. Upon doing so, they are promptly transported to the heaven that is “Helen Mirren’s Titties”. The skit was called “Helen Mirren’s Magical Bosom”.

Bill Hader brought his impersonation of James Carville back to Weekend Update, and his claim that he was raised by a family of eels was hilarious. This was one of my favorite segments of the show. Good stuff.

If you didn’t stick around until after the second musical break, you missed this skit for Perspectives Photo Studios. They specialize in photography techniques to make your, um, penis look bigger so when you email photos of it people will be impressed. As if it is just an average day occurrence to send such stuff. Stupid, but laughed my ass off.

“Celebrity Taxes” featured Andy Samberg as Mort Mort Feingold, accountant to the stars. This is the skit where Mirren plays Helena Bonham Carter.

Finally, there was this skit entitled “Strip Club”. Jason Sudeikis plays a strip club MC who is working his final shift because he came into a $9,000 fortune. Sudeikis throws a usual bone to his hometown (and mine) Kansas City by revealing that is where Bongo’s Clown Room is located. The sad, tired strippers are a real treat when they are trotted out.

I was impressed with the Foo Fighters. Those guys have been around for a while now, but they can still bring the house down.


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One Response to “ SNL Highlights: Helen Mirren ”

  1. Greg on April 12, 2011 at 10:15 am

    You’re on a roll. The Carville thing and the digital short had me in stitches. Foos also were very good.