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Just Some Awesome Pictures of Parents

April 5, 2011

No doubt you have heard of Awkward Family Photos, the website that went viral and spawned countless knock-offs.  Awkward Family Photos is a blog that publishes some truly remarkable family portraits that no child should have ever been subjected to because of the certainty of permanent emotional scarring.

My Parents Were Awesome takes the kids out of the equation. Humiliating photos of parents dabbling in some creative activities before they became permanently attached to their Baby Bjorns and drowned in a sea of diapers are prominently featured on the blog.

My Parents Were Awesome is pre-launching a book of the same title, and in honor of the event, Buzzfeed is featuring 40 of the photos on their site. Truthfully, quite a few are unremarkable, but I cherry-picked some of the good ones to share with you. Behold.

Alan and Barbara seem like a pretty zany couple, don’t they?  They are not really going over the falls, but they made it look like they are. Get it?

Little known fact: before there were bras, women used their belts to hold their boobs up.

This is by far my favorite. Tom and Doris are floating blissfully in a brandy snifter for all eternity.  Genius.  Why didn’t I think of this for my wedding photos?

I can’t be certain, but I think that is Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development in his never nude jean shorts. See for yourself below.

Donna has mastered the ever elusive “floating lotus” yoga pose.

If you would like to see more of these photos, you can visit the Buzzfeed gallery, or the My Parents Were Awesome tumblr blog. The book is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders.


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