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Watch This: ‘Honey Badger Don’t Care’

February 24, 2011

I feel pretty bad that I am just now bringing this to your attention. I’m slacking on the job. This made the viral rounds last week, and it is some funny stuff. I assumed that everyone had seen it, but then I have to remind myself that not everyone sits around on a computer surfing the internet all day.  There is a good chance Honey Badger has not weaseled his way into your life yet. I’m going to fix that, right now.

A guy named Randall takes wildlife videos and adds some punchy narration to them. The result is pure magic. You will be quoting from this video for days. Although he has tons of animal videos on his YouTube channel, this “Honey Badger” one has really taken off.  Mildly NSFW. The official title is “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger”.

So now Randall is enjoying his well deserved 15 minutes of fame.  This morning Cinematical had an exclusive video with the cranky narrator weighing in on the ten films nominated for best picture for the Oscars. You can watch that video below.

You can view more of Randall’s videos on his YouTube channel right here.


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