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America’s Next Top Model: ‘Erin Wasson’

February 23, 2011

Welcome to ANTM Cycle 16.  The fourteen girls are moving into the house in the next ten minutes!  Ayee!  This is exciting!  There are dramatic spotlights on a stage involved, from what I can tell.  Tyra goes Ashton Kutcher on us, which seems a little outdated.  Tyra tells us that the first step in her Ashton Kutcher-style show that step one is rejection.  The ANTM people are going to tell each girl that they are rejected and see their reactions.  Seems a little pointless, but okay.  Tyra has already sorted them with adjectives to their names, like they’re her pets.  Tyra brings them into their house and says, “What you thought were going home?  You’re not going home!”

The cameras show Hannah a curly haired blonde girl a lot.  Brittani from a trailer park is totally outspoken, she is surprised to be there.  There is one freckly faced girl.  Sara has a really interesting look–she is alternative, or what Tyra calls androgynous.  There is a sexy brunette girl and a pretty black chick.

“Shall we get rolling?” reads the Tyra Mail.  On location in Los Angeles, the 14 finalists meet Erin Wasson, famous model and designer.  Erin and Jay explain that the girls will wear T by Alexander Wang and Erin’s jewelry.  Oh, and they will also be walking on a 12-inch wide runway, over water…in a plastic bubble.  Photographer Mr. Russell James in on hand.

Meeting more of the girls:

The labeled-sexy girl looks a little like Megan Fox right?  She exclaims how awesome it is to be wearing this makeup and meeting all these people.  Kasi has modeling experience; she is 26 and plus size.  Jaclyn has a baby face and a baby voice and a baby way of talking.  Dominique, at 23, is my age and says she will “go hard or go home.”  Molly is so pretty looking and says she was a bad geek straight blonde hair.  Hannah the next blonde girl looks natural modeling.  Angela is from Miami and has long black hair.

“PRETEND that the bubble is invisible!” Erin encourages the girls, which sounds imposssible, and they begin their runway walks.  Monique does an interpretive movement over her head.  Petite black girl Ondrei eats it on her way walking back down the runway, audience members act surprised.  Molly looked amazing in my opinion, like Molly Sims.  The alternative girl looked clumsy.  Kasia seemed fine.  Dayla walked very slowly.  Hannah looked pretty and kind of like Avril Lavigne.  Brittani nailed it.  Many people did borings walks.  Back at the house, Alexandria claims that she has done NY fashion week.

Judging Panel:

Here is those spotlight stage that excited me earlier.  Here is Tyra, looking svelte with a short haircut in a blue curtained room.  The prizes include a spread in Italian vogue, Beauty in vogue cover, and an IMG modeling contract.

Hannah’s shot stands out.  Monique’s picture looked like a real backstage beauty moment.  Dominique had another standout moment to me; it looked like a moment in a CoverGirl commercial.  Molly had good energy throwing her hair out with her hands.  Some of the girls look mundane in their pictures, and some look alive.  Alexandria somehow makes a picture of the back of her hair and some of her face’s profile look good.   And…Angela is sent home.  What did you think??


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2 Responses to “ America’s Next Top Model: ‘Erin Wasson’ ”

  1. Shannon Hood on February 24, 2011 at 9:15 am

    I watched this with my kids. I liked the new shake-up. It felt fresh, and the show has sorely been needing that.

    The bubble was ridiculous. I wouldn’t have made it one step. Erin Wasson was good.

    Hate the androgynous girl. Don’t get it AT ALL. Hope she doesn’t last long.

  2. Maya on February 25, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Well, you know there will have to be one photo shoot where the androgynous girl looks amazing, and then Tyra will say, see? told ya so…