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Web Froth

February 9, 2011

This is probably a rumor, but seems highly plausible.  Life and Style is reporting that Katy Perry and Russell Brand might be having marital woes, a mere 3 months into their marriage.

Ashley Simpson filed for divorce from Pete Wentz. What do you suppose that is about? has the scoop.  Kind of.

Here’s a bunch of artists you probably didn’t know were pervs at heart. Cracked compiled this helpful list.

The super duper sexy Timothy Olyphant returns to television tonight when the second season of Justified begins.  Agent Bedhead

Lindsay Lohan was charged with Grand Theft Larceny today.  Dina must be very proud. Allie is Wired

Olivia Wilde has split from her (literal) prince of a husband. Bitten and Bound

Now that’s how you teach a lesson.  Mark Wahlberg had his kids watch him have his tattoo removed.  That’s awesome. Girls Talkin’ Smack

Video of the day: Miz Swan (from Mad TV) vs. MS Swan in a parody of Black Swan.  Strange and very disturbing. Watch at your own risk.


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One Response to “ Web Froth ”

  1. Maya on February 9, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Very interesting! I read the Cracked list… It’s too bad about Katy Perry and Russell Brand but maybe they don’t have enough in common? I don’t know.

    I didn’t know Olivia Wilde was married to a prince. That is wild! But I don’t blame him for falling for her.