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Third Stone from Too Sexy

January 26, 2011

While I’m thinking about it, here’s an idea I’ve been wanting to share with YOU for the past 20 years.

Remember that ridiculously awesome song of kick-ass-awesomeness, “I’m too Sexy”, by Right Said Fred? Of course you do.

Pay careful attention to the bridge starting at 1:13, and listen to about the 1:26 mark. Keep that tune in your head.

Recognize it? No? Well see if this will jog your memory:

Pay attention starting at :43, to about :58 seconds.

Yes, it’s the same song. Fact.

If blogs had been around 20 years ago I’d have posted this then.  As it turns out, it’s significantly less cool today, because all you have to do is google “I’m to sexy”, and you’d find out that it was based on “Third Stone from the Sun” whether you wanted to or not.

Ah, well… “Publish or Perish”, I know the drill.  Got nobody to blame but myself.  Still, on the outside chance you didn’t know this completely worthless trivia, now you do.  And I feel better for it.


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