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Barbie Went Off Her Meds

January 19, 2011

Mariel Clayton Doll Murder Scene

Oh, Neatorama, how I love thee. Neatorama is one of my favorite blogs featuring the cool, crazy, and downright bizarre.

This is precisely why I love them.  They introduce me to eclectic artists like Mariel Clayton. Clayton creates little diorama scenes depicting Barbie in some very un-Barbie like scenarios, and photographs them (beautifully, I might add).

Her twisted visions include but are not limited to Barbie participating in murder, decapitation, cannibalism, sadomasochism, childbirth-you get the point. Despite the grisly subject matter, the photographs are alluring. Mariel refers to herself as “doll photographer with a subversive sense of humor”.

Her scenes are extremely detailed, and shocking, but extremely creative. Take a look at her gallery of atrocities here. There is something captivating about taking a wholesome cultural icon and placing her in these taboo situations.

OMG, This is exactly what my childbirth was like!

Via Neatorama and Mariel Clayton


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