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Podcast: The Green Hornet

January 18, 2011

After a long holiday hiatus-we’re back, like it or not. John and I jumped back in the saddle to discuss the latest television, film and pop culture happenings.

Almost Locals Only is a podcast discussing the latest film releases, movie news, Trailer vs Trailer, and DVD releases.

Parental guidance is suggested, the podcast occasionally contains content and language intended for mature audiences.

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Participants on this week’s episode were:

John from Lost in Reviews who was joined by our friend from Frothy Girlz Shannon.

Movie Reviews
The Green Hornet
Frothygirlz Review
15:42 The Dilemma
Frothygirlz review
17:14 Country Strong Spoiler alert at 18:15, skip ahead to 19:40 to stay spoiler free.
FrothyGirlz review

25:10 Cinema News and Views
The Golden Globes, Fincher’s Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, and an Alien prequel no more.

50:40 What we Watched
Shannon goes Hollywood interviewing Topher Grace for Take Me Home Tonight and writer and director of The Company Men John Wells. The Sunday night TV bonanza! Big Love, Californication, Episodes, Shameless, Bridalplasty, The Bachelor, and the weak Saturday Night Live starring the head ‘Gooper’…

John goes punk gear head with Top Gear BBC2 and America for you purist, the punk doc American Hardcore, sings the praises of The Social Network DVD/Blu-Ray release, Hidden instant watch gems on Netflix 8: The Mormon Proposition, City Island.

final bits…

The downward spiral of Weeds and Lake Mungo


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