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What Really Happens At Disney (Behind The Scenes)

January 13, 2011

Disney is such a well-oiled machine.  They have everything figured out, down to the most minute detail.  Their parks are carefully manufactured to provide the best experience for guests who are paying a hefty price for that experience. I recently had a family trip to Disney World, and we had a blast. They definitely know what they are doing.

But what’s it like to be an employee there?  It’s difficult to find much first-hand information, because the employees are very carefully monitored.  No blogging, etc.  I’ve been fascinated with the behind the scenes happening of the parks since I first read an account of an ex-employee who played Jack Sparrow at the park.  He shattered the parks’ pristine image by telling sordid tales of women humping his legs, drunken women propositioning him, and other seedy stuff. You can read the whole article here.

Employees (particularly the characters in costumes), are kept on a tight leash, and get fired for the smallest infractions. Now an ex-employee has put out this awesome YouTube video that chronicles his time working for the park.  First he is giddy about working there, then the bloom wears off the rose, and finally he plots to go out in a final blaze of glory, by gorging himself on the forbidden food at a private party.

The guy (who calls himself Swoozie) is a really great storyteller, and the graphics are entertaining. Very well done video. I dare say the narrator reminds me of  the late Spaulding Gray. It’s about 11 minutes long, but well worth watching.  Enjoy.


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One Response to “ What Really Happens At Disney (Behind The Scenes) ”

  1. Maya on January 19, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    So funny!!! I can really imagine him saying all this with hand motions and everything. Great find.