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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes May Skip The Oscars

January 10, 2011

I saw this one coming the second I saw Anne Hathaway’s dead on impersonation of  Katie Holmes on SNL in December. Now comes word (unconfirmed) that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might boycott the Oscars because Anne Hathaway is co-hosting with James Franco.  Apparently the couple was none too pleased with the portrayal of Katie on SNL.

Get over it.  SNL skewers everyone. From Daily Mail:

Anne was guest-presenting the comedy show when she mimicked Katie in a sketch, speaking in breathy tones and constantly tucking her hair behind her ear.
‘Tom and Katie don’t want to have to cross paths with Anne,’ says a Hollywood source.

‘They used to be friends and took Anne to a Tina Turner concert in 2008 when Anne split up from her boyfriend Raffaello Follieri.
‘Katie feels they were really supportive at a difficult time so she feels let down that Anne took to national TV to make fun of her.
‘Anne didn’t even warn her it was going to be on TV.’

What I find truly amusing is that the two don’t seem to realize that they are not even relevant anymore.  If they don’t attend, I am sure that they will believe that they are making a grand statement, but the truth is, no one cares.  Would you really  be ringing your hands on Oscar night, desperately hoping for a glimpse of the two? Umm, no.

You can watch the sketch that started the controversy below.  Anne Hathaway plays Katie Holmes, who is appearing on an episode of the Miley Cyrus show.

SNL- Anne Hathaway Does Katie Holmes
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One Response to “ Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes May Skip The Oscars ”

  1. Maya on January 19, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    That is funny. Katie Holmes does kinda act like that.