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SNL Highlights: Jim Carrey

January 9, 2011

If you didn’t catch last night’s episode of SNL last night, you’ll want to catch it on reruns or on Hulu.  In a season that has been wildly uneven, this episode featuring Jim Carrey as host was one of the best.  It was funny from beginning to end, and with the exception of the Bosley hair advertisement (which I have seen three times this season), it was fresh.

The cold open poked fun at the snowpocalypse that occurred in New York a few weeks ago.  Fred Armisen played Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has earned the disgust of many of his constituents because of the city’s outrageously slow response to a snowstorm back in December. Ever the elitist, Bloomberg blames the union workers for the failure, and urges people to call take out and have the mexicans bring their food so they don’t have to leave the house.

The monologue was ho-hum, but Carrey was very enthusiastic.  My favorite skit of the show was the Black Swan spoof.  Carrey plays the Mila Kunis character, and though it is ridiculously stupid, I loved my ass off.  It reminded me a bit of the Chris Farley Chippendales skit, where you have one person competing for a position with absolutely no hope of getting it, yet everyone takes him seriously.  Bill Hader plays the pretentious choreographer. The chicken wings on Carrey’s back instead of angel wings?  Hilarious.

Another one of my favorites was the skit entitled Amusement Park Ride.  The skit taps into the creepiness animatronic people on rides.  A few of the ride’s attractions take on a life of their own when the ride breaks down.

Healing Conversations had Jason Sudeikis talking to a few guests on his show about recent confrontations they had recently had with loved ones or acquaintances. The guests all tout their confrontations as empowering and triumphant, but all were secretly videotaped, and the tapes tell a different tale.  The moment when Carrey flings himself backward into the snow was golden.

I usually can’t stand Grady Wilson’s sex techniques, but Carrey managed to make this one fun as well. Playing an obnoxious hippy, his body language really added to the skit. How about that “market fluctuation”?

Worst of Soul Train was an ensemble effort.

Finally, the Psychic Medium skit was a bit tired, but it did treat us to an array of Jim Carrey’s impressions.

Musical guests The Black Keys performed “Tighten Up” and  ”Howlin’ For You”.    Weekend update poked fun at the fish/bird freaky die-off, Mickey Rourke, and Nancy Pelosi and house speaker John Boehner.

What did you think of the episode?


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One Response to “ SNL Highlights: Jim Carrey ”

  1. Greg on January 16, 2011 at 11:03 am

    I have to disagree with you on this episode. I didn’t find much of it funny at all. The Carrey impression of Alan Thicke and Jason Sudekis’s reaction was the highlight for me followed by the Amusement park sketch. I thought the Black Swan sketch was terrible.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the Gwenyth Paltrow episode.