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December 23, 2010

Like most websites, we’ll be taking it easy over the holiday weekend, but I’ll leave you with some links to keep you busy. Have a happy and safe holiday, from all of us at frothygirlz.  Thanks for reading.

It’s not Christmas yet, but Videogum gave us an early present. They have posted their annual restrospective of viral videos of the past year.  It is absolutely hysterical.  I still like the Brendan Fraser handclap the best. What was your favorite?  Videogum

Congrats to Ali Larter, who gave birth to a baby boy yesterday.  She named him Theodore Hayes.  Larter most recently starred on NBC’s Heroes.  She looked disgustingly cute throughout her entire pregnancy, but I still love her, because she did that Absolut Lemondrop bit.  That buys you big points with a vodka swilling blogger. People

Don’t know what a sugarplum is?  Me neither, but it’s not a plum.  Jezebel explains.

No!  This is taking things too far.  There is, I shit you not, a menstrual pad with a sexy vampire printed on it. Best part?  It’s reusable.  Ew.  I Am Bored

And you can also buy a denim outfit…for your iPhone.  Gizmodo

A very special Human Centipede Santapede Christmas Card.  Badass Digest

A recreation of an incident at a Gary Busey autograph signing=awesome. Film Drunk

40% of Americans still believe in Creationism.  I don’t even have a good quip for that, it’s just depressing.  The Huffington Post

Now Heidi Montag seems to be shocked that she has permanent scars from her 10 freaking plastic surgeries. STFU, Heidi.  The Blemish

There’s a nasty rumor going around that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds might be seeing each other. IKYDK

Here’s Cameron Diaz with George Clooney, and she is wearing the tiniest shorts I have ever seen.  Suddenly, daisy dukes seem matronly. The Superficial



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