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SNL Highlights: Jeff Bridges

December 19, 2010

Jeff Bridges gay gift-wrapperYou had to dig deep, but there were a handful of very funny skits on this week’s Saturday Night Live. For some reason, it seemed that the show held some of the best skits until the very end, after the second musical break.The show was hosted by the extremely likable Jeff Bridges, and featured musical performances by Eminem and Lil’ Wayne.

My favorite SNL skit was the clever spoof of MTV’s Punk’d, called Jeff’d.  Jeff Bridges played himself in a Sundance channel original show featuring him trying to prank his various co-stars and hollywood acquaintances including Sam Elliot, Maggie Gyllenhal, Forest Whitaker, and Billy Bob Thornton.

Jason Sudeikis was more than serviceable as Sam Elliot, and Andy Samberg killed it as Billy Bob.  Take a look:

I also found the skit about the general store gift wrappers quite funny, only because Bridges looked so hilarious with his goofy hair and hat.

SNL’s White House cold open skit actually had me laughing as well, as various members of the democratic party had daydreams about their dream headlines.

Bridges was adorable in his opening monologue, in which he sang a duet,  ”Silver Bells”, with cookie monster.  I didn’t care that much for the digital short this week, but I know a lot of people liked it. Andy Samberg, Akon, and Jessica Alba star in “I Just Had Sex.”

There was a flat-out embarrassing Brad Pitt impression on Weekend Update, and Jason Sudeikis was great as Jimmy Stewart in “found footage” of the original (Jewish) version of It’s a Wonderful Life entitled, This, You Call a Wonderful Life?


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