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SNL Highlights: Paul Rudd and Paul McCartney

December 12, 2010

Another week, another ho-hum episode.  Actually, this one was kind of mediocre throughout, not downright terrible, so there’s that to be thankful for.  Paul Rudd made the most of what he was given, and even though Paul McCartney sounded rather rusty, I still found myself getting goosebumps when he performed.

He also answered the “will he or won’t he” question of the week. Yes, he did honor John Lennon.  This week happened to be the thirty year anniversary of Lennon’s death, so the nod was appropriate. All in all, McCartney performed five songs, “Jet”, “Band on the Run”, “A Day in the Life”, “Give Peace a Chance”, and “Get Back.”  Again, not the best sounding musician we’ve seen this season, but the guy gets a pass for being a bonafide legend.  I still thought it was pretty cool to hear him perform some of his more famous tunes.

Rudd’s opening monologue was cute; Rudd thought all these people outside of the studio were chanting and cheering for him, but then he realizes that the cheers were intended for Paul McCartney.

We got a real gross-out skit from the kissing family “The Vogelchecks”.  The writers upped the ante this time around, and it was extra disgusting:

My favorite skit from the night was the digital short entitled “Stumblin’” which re-teamed Andy Samberg and Rudd who were so damn funny last year in “Everyone’s a Critic” (which I have also embedded below).   It is utterly ridiculous, set to the tune of “9 to 5″.  Paul McCartney appears mid-video singing “Take My Breath Away” while Rudd and Samberg pirouette in the background.  By the time McCartney brandished a mini-harmonica, I was laughing my ass off.


“Everyone’s a Critic” from SNL season 34, episode 8.

Weekend update was serviceable, but there weren’t too many other standouts for me.  I thought the “Guess my name” skit was a little funny, but that was about it.  What did you think?  Here is Paul McCartney performing “Band on the Run”.


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