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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Season Finale: Roberto Cavelli

December 1, 2010

Tyra promises that this season finale will be one to remember.

Both girls feel validated being in the top two.  Chelsey reiterates how modeling has been her passion since she was three.  Many people told her she couldn’t model, but she will show them.  Ann feels great about being so talented at modeling, since she felt self-conscious during high school.

Valentina Serra, fashion editor, meets the two girls for their Italian Vogue fashion shoot. Vincent Peters, photographer for Vogue Italia, will be shooting them.  ”Be natural and be yourself,” Vincent advises them.  Both Vincent and Valentina sound very dry and seem fabulous. The girls’ object is to “chill in the grass on a sunny (Sunday?) afternoon” in their photos.  Vincent reflects on Ann’s performance: “she is more like a fashion model,” he compliments her.  Chelsey, he says, looks very pretty; she has “an affair” with the camera. Both girls look whimsical with flowing hair and flowing dresses.

“Real high fashion models know how to commercialize their careers,” reads the Tyra Mail. Chilling at their dorm-like Italian apartment, both girls seem nervous and excited.  Chelsey looks like she’s ready to take the crown.  Ann just thinks it’s cool that people like her.  There will be a CoverGirl commercial shoot tomorrow, but they haven’t received packets with lines to memorize (lucky them!).

The CoverGirl commercial will feature beautiful Italian scenery.  The girls will shoot the commercial first, do the voiceover later, and take beauty shots.  The featured makeup is Lash Blast Fusion Mascara.  Chelsey’s parents and Ann’s parents and brother show up unexpectedly.  The commercial starts rolling: the girls flash their glossy hair and reapply makeup at a cafe table.  Next, they saunter in sundresses and eat gelato. The pair look like Blair and Serena, a la the Gossip Girl Paris episodes.

Federico de Angelis shoots the beauty shots.  He calls Chelsey easy to shoot and “very commercial in a certain way.”  He describes Ann as an “incredible editorial model.”

“Babycakes, dem heels are hi-igh” Jay warns them about their upcoming runway challenge.

There is “one important stop on the race to the top”–the models meet IMG models’ Ivan Bart for interviews.  Ivan says that Chelsey has a great personality, whereas he would work with Ann’s personality a bit.  His mind is not made up.

Chelsey recites a helpful stat sheet: she has won three challenges, Ann has won none.  She forgets one stat: Ann had best photo five times in a row!

For the Roberto Cavalli fashion show, Liz, Kayla, Jane, and Chris show up to join in the fun.  Krista, the cycle 14 winner who sailed to victory, shows up also, looking mature.  Jane, who gels with Ann–maybe because they are both a little nerdy–tells Ann not to fall on her face.  Kayla is “team Chelsey” all the way.

Chelsey’s first runway look is Britney-Spears-esque with her blond hair and shiny green dress.  Ann’s first look is more whimsical.  Backstage is nervous and chaotic.   The fashions are divine!  Runway Ann resembles a wide-eyed beauty. Chelsey’s second look is a short, lingerie-type dress.

We return to the va-va-voom-red judging room.  Roberto Cavalli is present in the guest spot.  The model who wins will receive a cover of Beauty in Vogue, spread in Beauty in Vogue, spread in Italian Vogue, and a $100,000 CoverGirl contract.

The girls are evaluated on their runway walks.  Chelsey looked a tad stiff, her legs looked fantastic, and she needs to widen her focus.  Ann’s eyes looked a little too big, and her walk and look both could have used more confidence.  At least she managed her shoes well.

Panel watches the girls’ CoverGirl commercials and see their beauty photos.  Tyra and Roberto think the commercial is a little too believable and didn’t focus enough on the product.  Roberto’s eyes light up when he sees Ann’s CoverGirl photo.

The competition comes down the following considerations: Ann is the “new sexy.”  Chelsey is the perfect American fashion model.  Ann may not be psychologically ready to represent the ANTM brand.

I want Ann to win, but I think Chelsey will win.  Ann wins!  She is in tears and can barely hold her face up.  I guess hard-working Chelsey will have to make it happen on her own; Ann is just too fresh.

What did you think of the last episode of cycle 15?


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4 Responses to “ ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Season Finale: Roberto Cavelli ”

  1. Shannon Hood on December 2, 2010 at 4:34 am

    I kind of feel like Chelsey was robbed. I liked Ann, but there is no getting around the fact that she needed more polish, and I thought her runway was dreadful.

    I guess I feel that Ann has much more time, but this was Chelsey’s last shot. Anyway, it was a great season, definitely my favorite. Good job, Maya.

  2. Charlie on December 2, 2010 at 4:54 am

    I’ve been rooting for Ann since the first episode and was thrilled that she took FIVE best photos in a row the first five weeks. The camera really loves her .. she’s truly photogenic! She came out of her shell a lot as the show progressed and will continue to do so as she gains more confidence from winning and from her year of modeling for Cover Girl and working with professional representation.
    So I was delighted she won, and I think she could become a supermodel. Chelsey has received lots of good exposure and should do well also.

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  4. Maya on December 3, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Hi Charlie and Shannon. It’s cool that so many people liked Chelsey and she may get a lot of work as a model in the future. On example of someone who succeeded despite getting the number 2 billing: Anya. I really liked Anya, who lost to Whitney the plus-sized model.
    Who knows if Ann will survive, but she is similar to Nicole, the redhead during the ‘short’ cycle.