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Comedians Send Up “We Are The World” For Charity

November 30, 2010

Kurt Russell helpfully points out that a mere 25.75 years ago, the celebrity studded single “We Are the World” was released to help provide relief for starving Africans. It became a classic.   I’m guessing the same will not hold true for this horrible new rendering of the tune, performed by a ragtag group of comedians (and a few actors, and Aimee Mann inexplicably shows up).

Dubbed the Death-Ray Christmas Nativity Choir, the group includes Kurt Russell, Sarah Silverman, Al Yankovic, Kevin Nealon, Thomas Lennon, Casey Wilson, Paul Scheer, and a crap-ton of other stars.

The group does a pretty good job of nailing some celebrity mannerisms.  There is also a sweet rap toward the end that accuses God of being “lazy” because he did not make the world out of ground beef that could sustain everyone with ease.  Check it out.

Once again, sales from the song will go to charity.  This time around the Los Angeles food bank will be the recipient of the funds.  For more information, visit

We Are The World 25.75 from Kurt Russell


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