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Lindsey Vonn As Sharon Stone

November 22, 2010

Back in February, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn made some waves when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Some people found the pose too provocative, I thought the drama was manufactured and inappropriate.  She’s a beautiful woman, she is a great athlete, and I say all the more power to her.

I still don’t know how people found the photo offensive, she is clothed from head to toe, after all.

Well, there is bound to be lots of shrieking and pearl-clutching when those folks get a whiff of her latest photo shoot.  Vonn recreates a very famous pose that made a one Sharon Stone a household name in Basic Instinct.  Yep, it’s the interrogation room scene, and Vonn nails it!

She looks gorgeous.  I love seeing strong, athletic women showing their feminine side.  Don’t worry, she keeps her legs crossed.  The shoot is for the ESPN Magazine movie spectacular issue.

Lindsey Vonn on ESPN magazine cover

Here is the Sports Illustrated cover photo that was called into question back in February.

Via [Yahoo Sports]


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