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Burn Notice Recap: ‘Hot Property’

November 18, 2010

Burn Notice chronicles Michael Westen, a “burned” former CIA spy and his two comrades, charismatic Sam Axe and fiery Fiona Glennanne.  Michael Westen was “burned” by a mysterious, sinister entity three seasons ago; he quests to discover the people who burned him, but it isn’t easy.

Episode ‘Hot Property’ hits the ground running.  Sam and Mike plan to infiltrate a fusion center, where classified info is kept.  This is basically a police station of the Miami Police department.  Mike impersonates a community watch member, but intentionally misses his appointment.  He stops on the floor with the classified information.  Mike uses sunglasses as a lock-picking device.  Aware that a stranger is loose in the building, the police lock it down.  Mike pulls on a police jacket, diverts attention outdoors, and escapes out the front door.

Subplot: At Maddie’s house, Mike and Jesse sit at a table in the garage.  Jesse reveals that Sweeney is auctioning the list Michael wants.  They realize that Marv, Jesse’s old handler, is the only one who can help them learn more about the auction.  (Maddie walks in at the end of the scene.  She wears a gray tee that probably reads “Hot Mama” in pink glittery letters – too funny!)

Fiona and Jesse meet with Stewart, who says his sister has a big problem.  Stewart’s sister moved to Caracas with her boyfriend, who beat her, and followed her back to Miami.  He holds her prisoner.

Subplot: “Chuck Finley” (Sam) sets up a meeting with Marv, who apparently has a secret to hide (a former infidelity).

Following up on Stewart’s story, the team scouts the house where the sister is being held prisoner.  Fiona wants to storm the gates, but Jesse finds a better way to get closer.  He purposely gets into a fender-bender, pretends to be concerned about damages, and walks into the yard and house.  This allows him to vet the house’s security.

When meeting Stewart again, Stewart is shot before the team’s eyes.  ”Stewart” was simply paid by psycho-thief Natalie to make up his story.  She wanted the team to vet the place’s security.  Natalie wants to steal a chemical weapon from the Venezuelan rebels.  She needs their team to help her, or she will frame Fiona for the murder of the “Stewart.”  (She has stolen Fi’s gun, used it to kill “Stewart,” and it still bears Fi’s fingerprints.)  Sam and Mike agree because they want to protect Fiona.

Plan A: At a Japanese restaurant, Natalie asks Sam and Mike for ideas on how to steal the weapon.  Mike proposes that they force them to move the weapon.  They will make the Venezuelans think there is a gas leak, which will force an evacuation.

Subplot: Meanwhile, “Chuck Finley” meets Marv, when Jesse shows up.  Jesse tells Marv he needs to know the “who” and “where” of the list’s auction.

Continuing with Plan A, Fiona heads in with a baby stroller and sets up some THT leakage.  She funnels the liquid through pipes nearby to make the area smell gassy.  However, the Venezuelan boss refuses to move the weapon.

Plan B: At the Japanese restaurant, the super thief wears a beautiful necklace with a mirrored jewel-shaped pieces.  Very befitting of a thief!  Plan B is that the team will go straight for the safe.  Natalie says she will use a thermal lance to cut into it.

Subplot: Marv has learned more about the auction.  The buy-in is five million dollars.  Jesse asks Marv for help getting the five million dollars; Marv has a friend in the Federal Reserve who can get him access to bills that will go out of commision.

Plan B, executed: Fiona and Mike meet at the loft to prep for their second try.  They knock out floodlights using small caliber, high velocity bullets.  They then use spray insulation to fill the diaphragm of a siren, so it does not sound.  They use stun-guns on the guards.  Natalie uses a thermal lance to slice through the deadbolt of the safe.  Natalie torches the shack, and has trouble escaping over the fence.

Sam drives away with the chemical weapon.  His route leads through roadwork signs to a fresh potholde, and he drives over a bomb.  He survives a tumbling car crash.  Natalie arrives, machine gun blazing, and steals the briefcase.

Mike figures that Natalie planted a listening device in his loafer at the Japanese restaurant.  Knowing that Natalie is still listening to them, they stage a conversation.  They make her believe that she has the wrong briefcase.  Fiona preps a fake briefcase containing a fake chemical weapon, by mixing strong pesticide, tear gas, and diesel fuel.

When Natalie steals the second briefcase, Jesse sets up to track Natalie to her “dragon lady’s den.”  Her buyers show up for the chemical weapon just when Mike confronts her.  Mike shoots the fake chemical weapon.  The tear gas causes everyone to disperse.  The team grabs Natalie, handcuff her to a boat, and tell her to call homeland security.  She will turn in the chemical weapon.

Subplot: Marv gives Jesse the 5 million dollars at the pier where they have been meeting.

Fiona calls Jesse for lunch; Jesse walks into a surprise meeting with Maddie and Mike.  Madeleine wears hot pink again.  She tells them to reconcile, basically to suck up their differences.  She successfully knocks sense into the two men.  Mike says, “We have an auction to crash, Jesse;” they smile at each other.  Burn Notice guy and Latino tan Burn Notice guy are friends again.

A new episode airs in two weeks.



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