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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Recap: Franca Sozzani

November 17, 2010

Tonight’s episode leads up to the finale episode.  Two girls will be eliminated, leaving the final two to battle it out.  Based on the picture below, Ann looks picturesque enough to win, but who knows?  Let’s find out who makes it to the finale.

Honestly, I have no idea what’s going to happen.  Jane seems doomed.  My friend is rooting for Chelsey and I am rooting for Kayla, but expecting Ann to win.

During the post-elimination, preview-of-current-episode portion of the episode, the girls summarize where they stand in the competition.  Jane stands at the back of the pack.  Chelsey is the most driven; despite being from Idaho, she loves modeling and fashion.  Kayla feels wired, coming off her best photo win.  Ann seems preoccupied with her own quietness.

Scene 1: the girls meet with Miss Jay.  He introduces them to Barbara Terrinoni (acting coach).  Barbara gives them a private acting lesson.  She meets the girls, tells them to speak louder, and has them scream and laugh and run around acting scared.  We mostly see how quiet Ann is.  Jane is quiet too.

Scene 2: interviews at Vogue Italia.  The girls walk into a beautiful building with marble and character, and take a fancy elevator to the top floor.  They meet Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia.

Franca Sozzani makes her impressions of the contestants.  Kayla: not enough “character” (read: personality) though she is pretty.  Chelsey: perfect amount of “character” (read: personality) for the fashion industry.  Ann: shy but has wonderful photographs in her portfolio.  Jane:  pretty but perhaps not enough “character” in her face.

Chelsey wins the challenge because she presents herself  the best.  She takes Kayla with her to a private viewing of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper.’  The two stay overnight at a hotel room inside a galleria with a notable damask headboard.  The hotel is Milan’s Town House Galleria.

(Side note: I feel as though Chelsey is going to win, now.)

Hilariously, Ann draws a last supper on a napkin, posts it on their humble apartment wall, and she and Jane eat dinner together.

Scene 3: the girls head go the countryside, to a mansion.  Jay Manuel meets them in Verona for an acting-modeling-combination challenge.  He announces that two will go home.

“Hi chicas!” It’s Tyra!  She announces that the girls will perform in moving photography (aka video).  She mentions the concept: hardcore sensuality with couture, high-fashion clothing.  Valentina, top stylist for Vogue Italia, helps the girls get ready.

The girls move around in a ballroom-type setting.  Next, we witness some whiplash-hair-action with Ann, whose actions turn on Tyra and Jay.  More sexy hair-throwing follows with the other three.  Next, they take some walking shots.  Lasty, they take some shots while running through the bushes and looking back.

Okay, here we go: judging panel.  (I’m thinking: Ann and Chelsey, for sure.)  Andre, Tyra, Franca Sozzani, and Nigel greet the four girls.  Tyra announces the copious prizes, include a CoverGirl cosmetics contract and a cover and spread in Vogue Italia.

Chelsey is evaluated first, and walks before the smilling judges.  Unfortunately I wasn’t too in love with her take on sensuality, but the judges eat it up.

Next Jane walks up; she “looks adorable by the way” according to Tyra.  (Sounds like a consolation-prize-type compliment, to me.)  She looks amazing on camera but is not fluid enough in motion.

Ann wears a corset to panel.  The corset is white and Ann also sports black sleeves and a long black skirt.  ”I want to take you to a party,” Andre congratulates her choice of clothing.

Tyra announces that the finalists will walk in a Roberto Cavalli fashion show.  The girls swoon.

Finally, deliberation.  The judges find the girls special in their own ways.  Jane has a bankable “big” face.  Kayla has a particular, ‘decadent’ look (I think this means she is not stereotypically pretty).  Ann is surprisingly talented.  Chelsey has passion and good movement.

Ann is called first, Chelsey second, and Tyra advises Jane to get a modeling agency and advises Kayla to try acting.  The finale episode is in two weeks.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s ANTM!


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2 Responses to “ ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Recap: Franca Sozzani ”

  1. Shannon Hood on November 18, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    This is the first time that I have ever liked all of the last four standing. It is because there are no trashy women left. This season was better cast with more elegant women.

    I think and hope that Chelsey will win. She wants it, she deserves it. I like Ann, but I think she would buckle about one month after being in the business. She is just too frail (in body and mind.)

  2. Maya on November 21, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    Cool. It was nerve-wracking, wasn’t it, since all four had something to offer?

    There weren’t any b-yatches either, were there? I remember Melrose being in the final two with Caridee, it was hilarious. I think she (Melrose) said, ‘I didn’t win, though I totally deserve it, and I got called a b-yatch the entire time’ (season 7).

    I think Chelsey would be a good choice too.