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America’s Next Top Model Recap: Margherita Missoni

November 3, 2010

Who is going to be the top model of Season 15 (15?!  Wow!)?  Only six girls remain; WHO (insert Tyra-like emphasis) will be America’s Next Top Model?  (Cue the “na-na-na-na-na . . .” theme music, too!)  Will it be Jane, Ann, Kayla, Chelsey, Liz, or Chris (as ordered in the pic below)?

My gut tells me that Liz, Chelsey, and Chris will be eliminated next.  I just do not gravitate towards them.  I am partial to Jane.  I believe in Ann’s talent.  And I like Kayla’s personality.

Time to start the episode!  At the beginning, we see the girls riding home from elimination.  We are reminded that Liz did badly on last week’s commercial.  We are reminded that Chris did the best on her commercial.  Miss J bikes with the girls to a bridge in Venice, California, where Tyra-on-a-gondola announces they will be flying to Venice, Italy.

The girls arrive in Venice and immediately are treated to a motorboat ride through a part of Venice.  They arrive at Hotel Danieli.  (I’m surprised that there was no challenge involved with entering the new digs!)

On location on the Grand Canal, near the Rialto Bridge, the girls will be recreating 18th century Italy in the age of Casanova.  Their male model is Mario D’amico.

Chris, Liz, and Kayla pose with Mario first.  Chris and Liz are distracted by the hot weather, while Kayla works her seductive side.  Only Kayla managed to look beautiful and effortless.

Ann, Jane, and Chelsey take the next group photo.  Chelsey gives lots of cheekbone and downcast, furtive eyes.  Jane manages to look whimsical and ethereal.  Ann feels and looks uncomfortable.

It’s no wonder the girls stayed in a hotel, because they are jet-setting once more – to Milan.  In Milan, the girls’ apartment is small and outdated – all their beds fit in one small room, and some beds are futons!  Tyra explains that she is trying to recreate a realistic experience for models going abroad.

The girls meet Angela Missoni, creative director of Missoni, and Margherita Missoni, heiress and IMG model.  They try on pieces from Missoni’s winter collection and walk for the Missonis.  None of the girls seemed to walk terribly well.  Unfortunately for us viewers, they do not walk in a Missoni runway show.

Judging panel takes place in a room with tall red drapery, reflective red floors, and black and white accents – very dramatic.  Regarding the first group photo, the judges like Jane best with Chelsey a close second, and Ann third; Jane’s sexy look works with the classic, romantic clothing and location.  When evaluating the second group photo, the judges have mixed views on Chris’s and Liz’s performances, and love Kayla’s performance.

Liz and Chris end up in the bottom two because of their lackluster performances.  Kayla is called first, followed by Jane, Chelsey and Ann.  Liz is eliminated as the weakest model.  Next week: go-sees and what looks to be an absurd photo shoot.

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