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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Recap: Zac Posen

October 27, 2010

There are seven models left and I am starting to love every one of them!  Whoever is eliminated tonight, I will be surprised.  Amazing Kayla, interesting Ann, blonde gap-toothed Chelsey, hard-edged Liz,  ”commercial” Jane, placid Esther, and exciting Chris – these are the potential top models.  This episode has an exciting runway show and a sexy beach photo shoot.  I recommend you check it out.

Esther was in the bottom two last week so she really needs to work hard.  Liz got best photo last week and she feels energized.  Is Esther too boring?  Is Ann psychologically weak?  These are two of the questions raised during the episode.

Zac Posen Show

Miss J introduces the girls to his friend, famous clothing designer Zac Posen.  Zac informs the girls that they will be walking in his runway show for his new line, “Z Spoke.”  He advises the girls to have confidence and sexy personality.  He also tells them to have a sensual walk.

At the runway show, Miss J tells the other professional girl models to shake the girls’ confidence with snide comments.  One of them promises, “We will be mean.”

The failed runway walkers: Chris needs to take longer steps.  Jane needs more fierceness in her body.  Esther has a shaky walk.  Ann panics and trips up a bit.  Liz needs to look less stuck-up whilst walking the runway.

The contenders: Cute Kayla (pictured) does well; Zac tells her, ”You have the body and the elegance.”  Chelsey, with her fluid walk and focused look, wins the runway challenge.

Venice Beach Shoot

“Hi guys!” say Nigel Barker and Mr. Jay, popping into the girls’ kitchen.  They totally freak Chelsey out, who gasps and covers her mouth – priceless!  The men explain that the girls will be shooting a commercial in their backyard (basically) for H2T water.  They will be roller skating and, while in motion, will kiss a boy in a “sexually charged” manner.

Kayla feels revolted by the task, revealing that she was sexually assaulted at age 11.  This makes it hard for her to be close to men (remember that she is also a lesbian).  Mr. Jay empathizes with her, telling Kayla she needs to seek therapy so this doesn’t hurt her the rest of her life.

Most of the shoots become train wrecks.  Liz does not take the shoot seriously and gets chewed out by Nigel.  Esther performs terribly, failing to deliver any energy.  Ann develops so much stage fright that she literally falls all over the place with tears in her eyes.  Chelsey looks “wooden” during her performance.

The better jobs are done by Chris, who gives tons of energy and personality; Kayla, who smiles through her pain; and Jane, who sparkles and looks cute.

During panel, I finally realize why H2T sounds so familiar: it  means “head to toe,” and it is how Tyra wants her models to pose (from head to toe).

Esther is definitely going home.  Her commercial is “a mess in every way” and she failed the runway challenge.

Some panel highlights: Nigel tells Ann that her “fear is not endearing;” and Ann ends up in the bottom two – what a shocker!  Ann stays because the judges feel that she may be able to master her awkwardness.

Next week is Italy, including Milan!

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode?


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