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A New Dub Video For the Worst Movie Of All Time

October 26, 2010

If you have never seen the movie The Room, then quit reading this right now, go put it at the top of your Netflix account, then come back and finish this post.

The Room is simply magical.  It is absolutely, positively the worst film ever made (though Troll 2 is a close second.) The Room lacks competent acting or any hint of a story or plot. It is badly directed and features some of the most exquisitely horrible music I have ever heard.

Basically, it lacks any redeemable quality whatsoever, but due to its wretchedness, the film has achieved cult status. There are midnight showings around the country where people dress up, hurl stuff at the screen, and shout all the lines.  Fans have The Room viewing parties.

Now we get a special dub-mix of actor (I am taking great liberties with that word) Tommy Wiseau, who plays Johnny, wailing all his best lines.  I give many thanks and blessings to whoever had the spare time on their hands to create this video.  My day has been made, to say the least.

As for the story behind the movie, it is really a fascinating tale.  There is a good article in Entertainment Weekly that talks about the evolution of the movie from bizarre clunker to full-blown cult status.  It was written and directed by the highly delusional Tommy Wiseau, who still maintains to this day that it is a good film.  I saw it, and I assure you, it is as bad as it can possibly be.  There is a pretty awesome review you can read on Buzz Media.  It is hilarious, and all true.

There are two embeds below.  The first is the dub-mix (whee!)  Warning: this little diddy will get in your head and stay there all day.  The second is an actual clip from the movie.  You will think it is a joke.  It is not.  It is an actual scene from the movie.


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