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Slutty Pet Costumes

October 26, 2010

Well, we all know that the skanky costumes abound during the month of October.  Jane wrote a post about it a few weeks ago in a post entitled Sardonkadonk: Sexy Halloween Costumes.  If you haven’t read it, go check it out.

Now, it seems, it is not enough for women everywhere to embrace their inner slut via Halloween costumes.   It has become much more insidious, because it’s spilling over into their pet companions.  That’s right, now we are subjected to slutty pet costumes.  I guess it was just a matter of time.  Here are some of the best I came across.

Slutty school girl costume. Just look at that little bitch, assuming the position and giving a come hither look.  Work that tartan plaid mini-skirt, girl. [Chelsea's of New York]

French maid costume. “Vous aimez ce que vous voyez?”  (Do you like what you see, for you non-French speaking folk.) [Chelsea's of New York]

Dirndl horse dress. A dirndl is the traditional dress worn by all those comely types in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  Now you can outfit your horse in one of the garments. For some reason this is more unsettling than the dog costumes. [Metro]

horse wearing a dress

Well, Hello Kitty.  Not slutty per se, but she is naked from the neck down.  [Monthly Joon Jang]

Thong dog. Somebody found a little dog bikini to put on this poor bastard.  It does look like the dog is chillin’ poolside, though.

Harem dog.

Playboy track jacket. This will restore your faith in humanity-it’s sold out. In otherwords, there were so many slutty owners clamoring to buy something with the “Playboy” logo on it that the store could not meet the demand for said product.  *shudders* [Spirit Halloween]

And finally, this is not slutty at all, but it is so to-die-for awesome that I had to include it.  A Jackie O dog costume.  Love it.

Dog dressed as Jackie O


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