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Antoine Dodson’s Curious Rise to Fame

October 26, 2010

My brother tipped me off to a YouTube clip a few months that featured a typically embarrassing “interview” featured on a local newscast following a house invasion.  Truly, it is always the people who ought not ever be on television that constantly bombard us on the local news. This is no exception.

First, Kelly Dodson, the victim of the attempted assault, explains what happened.  Apparently a would be rapist’s intentions were thwarted by Antoine, her brother.

Antoine then steals the show when he puts his two cents in.  To say that he was a little fired up is an understatement.  With his odd ability to appear nonchalant and passionate at the same time, and his truly awesome sense of style, Antoine became an overnight internet sensation.  The clip went viral, and everyone was laughing their ass off at his finger waggin’ tongue lashing directed at the perpetrator.  See the original news clip below.

Woman Finds Intruder in Her Bed – watch more funny videos

Well, God Bless the internet, because someone took the time to create an auto-tune video of his tirade. It is truly spectacular. You must watch it in order for your life to be complete. I now present you with “Bed Intruder Song.”

That video has had over 35 Million views to date, and their are countless other uploads available as well.  Antoine became crazy popular. There is a version of the song available on iTunes, he has a facebook fan page, a t-shirt line, and a ring-tone.   There is even a bed intruder Halloween costume, and a dog dressed as Antoine appeared at the Tompkins Square Dog Parade in New York.

Got to give the guy props for having some  cajones; he’s selling a bandana, a wig, and a wifebeater for $39.99.

Antoine Dodson Halloween Costume

Dodson’s latest business venture is peddling a smart phone application that tracks sex offenders.  I shit you not.  It’s available for Android or iPhone for $1.99.


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One Response to “ Antoine Dodson’s Curious Rise to Fame ”

  1. YouAreSoDumb4Real on October 26, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    Do you really think you’re doing any ground-breaking reporting here?

    What part of “He has over 35 million YouTube views” do you not understand?

    Anyone ot living in a cave already knows all of this.