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Luke Perry Photos From Dragoncon: Awkward

October 21, 2010

Poor Luke Perry.  I remember when my college roommate and I would religiously tune into Beverly Hills 90210 to get a our weekly double dose of hot-Jason Priestley and Luke Perry.  I know, there is just no accounting for my poor taste.

Imagine my surprise when I see the former dreamboat grimacing through a onslaught of photos he took at Dragoncon with fans.  The photos give Awkward Family Photos a serious run for its money.  They are spectacularly awesome.

For those not in the know, celebrities often are featured guests at Comic Con type conventions, and for a small fee, they will take photos with fans.  Mr. Perry seemed to be particularly tolerant of some of the poses he got stuck with.

Check out the entire gallery on Buzzfeed. You won’t be sorry.  [via Buzzfeed]


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