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America’s Next Top Model: Francesco Carrozzini

October 20, 2010

Ann, Liz, Jane, Kayla, Esther, Chris, Kendal, and Chelsey remain.  I personally think these two have little chance of winning: Liz and Chris.  Liz because she seems to complain more than excel.  Chris because she does not take “high fashion” photos on a regular basis.  I predict that one of them will be eliminated tonight.

During the limo ride home, the girls celebrate Kacey’s dismissal from the competition.  Separately, Esther the Orthodox Jew talks about staying kosher and keeping her food separate from the other girls’ food.

“Sometimes you have to perform a duet before you can perform a solo.” (Tyra Mail)
The girls meet Neil Portnaw at the Grammy Museum who shows them a real Grammy. The challenge: perform a pairs’ fashion-and-interview challenge.  The prize: help present a Grammy award during the awards show.  There is one catch: each partner will choose the other partner’s clothes.

At Chic Little Devil, the girls have 10 minutes to find outfits for their partners.  Kayla takes a risk by going against Liz’s wishes for an outfit, getting her a rocker-style outfit instead of a glamourous flowing dress. Jane shops for Esther, commenting, “She and I have very different cup sizes.  I have no idea what G boobs or any boobs are like.” Ann finds a shapeless-looking black dress for her partner Chelsey. When the girls receive their dresses from their partners, their reactions range from pleased (Jane) to suppressed anger (Liz) to depression (Chelsey).

The girls appear in pairs before the judges, Jay Manuel and Neil Portnaw.  First up are Liz and Kayla. Liz is glib before Neil Portnaw, showing reverence for the Grammy’s and selling her form-fitting rocker outfit.

Kendal and Chris fail to impress the judges with their clubber outfits and with Kendal’s hint at stage fright.  Jay comments that Kendal might be too fidgety to go on stage at the Grammy’s.

Esther and Jane wear somewhat conservative and pretty dresses.  Esther explains that she should look beautiful but blend into the background as a presenter, which Neil appreciates.

Chelsey is clearly nonplussed before the judges but her partner Ann looks great in her lacey-sleeved black dress.  It does not register with Chelsey that poise is part of the challenge!

Kayla and Liz win the challenge.  Kayla wins the honor of being a Grammy Girl, with Neil practically psychically picking up on her humble background and bestowing on her this cool opportunity.  Liz feels jealous and drinks herself to foolishness that night.

“Sometimes, being labeled can be a good thing.” (Tyra Mail)
At Smashbox Studios (again), Jay Manuel welcomes the girls to their photo shoot.   Rushka Bergman, fashion editor of Italian Vogue, is introduced.  The shoot objective is to portray a fashion designer while posing with a professional female model who will wear the designer’s clothes.  The photographer is Francesco Carrozzini.

Liz portrays John Galliano and basically goes into drag mode.  She picks up on his dynamic eyebrows.  She looks exactly like him.

Chelsey portrays Carolina Herrera.  She goes for a regal look.

Chris portrays Betsey Johnson, who is quirky and crazy.  Chris jumps again just like she did in her boxing shoot.  Francesco Carrozzini loves her energy.

Kendal portrays Vera Wang.  She immediately seems unconfident.  She just stands there looking serious.  The model standing with Kendal looks very uncomfortable.

Kayla portrays Vivienne Westwood.  She throws flowers around during her photo shoot and looks really lively.  Kayla seems to really love fashion and love the interaction between the photographer and model one.

Jane’s task is to portray Marc Jacobs but she does not look like a man and has trouble playing the character.

Ann is assigned Alexander Wang.  She feels comfortable doing so because she just has to look slouchy and boyish (like herself).  ”You are wonderful!” Rushka exclaims.  I smell a sixth best photo!

Esther has trouble acting like a man, Christophe Decarnin.

Judging Panel

Kayla’s Vivienne Westwood looks striking and believable.  Francesco compliments her go-for-it attitude on set.

Liz wows the judges with her “androgyny.”  This mixed compliment cracks my boyfriend up to no end because it hints that Liz would make a good cross-dresser.

Chelsey’s shot mostly hits the mark.

Esther and Jane both do a poor job capturing Christophe Decarnin and Marc Jacobs, respectively.  Kendal also takes a poor shot, due to her nervousness or lack of effort. “Most of the time, it’s personality that makes the model, not the looks,” Francesco says.

Ann impresses.  Chris impresses everyone except Andre.


Liz is surprisingly called first.  Called next are Kayla, then Ann, Chelsey, Chris, and Jane.   The bottom two are Esther and Kendal.  Esther is told she needs to be more of a chameleon.  Kendal is told she does not have enough modeling skills and experience, and is sent home.

Next week, the models meet Zac Posen and walk in a fashion show.

Did you enjoy this week’s episode?  I personally enjoyed the chance to learn more about fashion designers and their personalities.  However, as far as the pace of the show goes, I have yet to be convinced that this is really a tight competition, and I wish we could spice things up and head overseas already – to Italy!


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