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Puppets In Dystopia: Jim Henson’s Son Carries On With Dark Comedy

October 13, 2010

Beloved puppet-master Jim Henson’s son will carry on the family name, and is set to direct Happytime Murders, a dark comedy thriller.  According to Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Watch column, Brian Henson is working with Lionsgate films on the film.

The puppets will exist in a dystopia, side by side with humans, but are treated as second class citizens.  Like True Blood, with puppets!

From Pop Watch:

The puppet cast of a 1980s kids’ show called The Happytime Gang starts getting murdered one by one, prompting an alcoholic former-cop puppet to take the case with his ex-partner, a human.

Sounds simply delightful doesn’t it?  This news pleases me to no end.  The fact that Lionsgate is involved is good news for those who like their puppet tales sick and twisted.  The studio is notorious for not shying away from dark material, so this could be fun.

Sounds like the puppets and the movie will not be directly related to the Muppets, but one can always dream, right?


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