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Hatchet-Loving Pirate Centaur? Awesome

October 13, 2010

5 Fantastic Finds on Verameat

While I was researching for another article (don’t ask) I stumbled upon this magnificicent treat of a site.  They sell jewelry, clothing, and other accessories, and it is just all kinds of awesome. The jewelry is designed by Vera Balyura, who is originally from the Ukraine.

Her designs have been featured on the pages of Nylon, Shape, Elle, and various other outlets.  I just find the jewelry fun, whimsical and silly.  I love that someone who designs jewelry has a sense of humor, and seriously, where else can you find this stuff?

Count Amy Sedaris, Michel Gondry, and Jack Black among Vera’s celebrity fans.

Behold, my favorite 5 things I found on Verameat:

The aforementioned Hatchet-Loving Pirate Centaur pendant.  It would be cool to have a Centaur, wielding a hatchet, but making him a pirate-that brings me great joy.

Hatchet Loving Pirate Centaur

Puppies 2 finger ring.  Like brass knuckles-but it’s puppies!

Flail Earrings.  I didn’t even know what a flail was until I saw these earrings.  Can you imagine shaking your head and having the crowd disperse about you out of sheer terror?  I kid, they are actually quite tiny and dainty.

Bilby ring.  This amazing creature is part bird and part deer.  I find it delicate and bizarre at the same time.

Zombie Queen ring.  It’s a zombie. It’s jewelry. ‘Nuff said.

There are literally hundreds of unique and extraordinary pieces on the site.  You must go check it out. Honorable mentions: T Rex Detective postcards, Beekeeper Centaur pendant, Hey Good Lookin‘ ring, Dino Luscious Lady pendant, and Good Time Giraffe pendant.   All photos are from Verameat.


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