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America’s Next Top Model Recap: Patrick Demarchelier

October 13, 2010

It’s that point in the season between the beginning and the end: we aren’t going abroad yet or doing go-sees, but the numbers are whittling down.  In the first scene, several contestants express their feelings about the competition.  Kayla expresses hope that she will win.  Ann says she feels more confident now that she has received so much praise.  Chelsey says she really wants to win and start her modeling career.

Cover Girl Makeup Challenge

The girls receive Cover Girl kits at their house. Early the next morning, the girls bus to a tent next to a Wal-Mart store.  There, the girls split up into three groups and demonstrate, to a crowd, three simple steps to apply Cover Girl makeup and achieve a smoky eye look.

Team 1 consists of Ann, Kendal, Jane.  Kendal demos the makeup on Ann, who doesn’t say anything.  Team 2 consists of Kacey, Esther, and Kayla.  Kacey wins the audience over with her charm.  Team 3 consists of Liz, Chelsey, Chris.  Chelsey thinks Chris talked too much over her.

Chelsey’s opinion is soon validated when Nigel, looking debonair in a suit, interviews the audience.  Nigel asks what the kids and young adults of the audience thought of each girl.  Several audience members express concern that Chris was too overpowering.  Derrick Blasburth, a fashion journalist and writer, also adds his two cents.

For the first time, Ann struggles.  She receives the lowest score from the Wal-Mart audience: “you’ve got to be personable,” Nigel reminds her.  In confessional, Ann says that “ever since I was in middle school, I didn’t talk at all” and says that she’s “awkward and weird in person.”

Based on individual scores the audience gave, Kacey performed the best.  She and Esther and Kayla get free Cover Girl makeup from the Wal-Mart shelf.  Esther applies her new makeup well, according to Nigel, and receives a $100 Cover Girl gift card.

Rodeo Drive Shoot

Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
His Advice: “The more you relax, the better you do.”
Shoot Objective: Pose with another girl and a male model, and look appear to be “in motion”

Lori Goldstein, fashion stylist, is on hand at this photo shoot to make sure the girls look fabulous.  After getting dressed and styled, the girls meet in a swanky trailer to receive partner assignments.  Tyra shows up and thanks Patrick for doing the photo shoot for the show.

Kacey is paired with Jane and expresses jealousy at Jane’s beauty.  Neither Kacey nor Jane seems to shine.  Though Jane looks cute, Patrick says she looks commercial.

Chelsey is paired with Ann.  “We want to create movement in this shot!” Tyra yells at the girls.  Both Chelsey and Ann act intimidated.

Kayla and Esther take the next batch of photos.  Kayla’s shoes are too small and she struggles.  Esther acts quiet, but Lori Goldstein and Patrick compliment her look.

Kendal and Liz take photos next.  Kendal enjoys the shoot the most of the girls; she especially loves the paparazzi-like atmosphere.  ”You’re gorgeous but you’re late!” Tyra photo-directs Kendal.  Liz fades into the background.

Chris shoots without a partner and does a great job.  She relaxes and has fun, saying, “I’m no diva, but today I felt like one.”


The four judges like Kendal and Liz’s group shot.  Kendal’s individual shot outshines Liz’s.

The judges view Kayla and Esther’s group shot, and like Kayla much more than Esther.  Esther’s individual “walking shot” looks bankable; Kayla’s is more ambiguous.  Tyra reminds Esther that modeling isn’t about the model but about the fashion.

Jane and Kacey’s photo is evaluated next.  Patrick loves Jane’s photo, calling it sexy.  This is the first time Jane has ever performed exceptionally for the camera.  Kacey looks too angry in the group shot and her individual shot lacks personality.

Chelsey and Ann’s photo receives praise from the judges for its cohesive, natural look.  Ann’s individual shot shocks Andre with its brilliance.  Chelsey does fine in comparison.

Chris’s paired shot is adorable and happy, but doesn’t fit the high-fashion heels Andre wants it to fit into.

Deliberation and Elimination

The judges say they like Esther and Kendal, but think they need to develop more presence.  The judges feel critical of Kayla and Kacey due to their lacking photos.

The girls are called in the order of Ann, Jane, Kendal, Esther, Chris, Chelsey, and Liz.  Kacey and Kayla land in the bottom two.  Despite her relateability during the CoverGirl challenge, Kacey is eliminated because, as Nigel put it, she has all the model pieces but they just don’t add up.

What did you think of this week’s episode of ANTM?


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2 Responses to “ America’s Next Top Model Recap: Patrick Demarchelier ”

  1. Rachel on October 14, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    I can’t believed that Ann won again! How can it be a competition if the judges are pretty much saying that she is already so much better than everyone else? I’m really happy to see Kacey go. It was boring to watch her fight with all the other girls in the house.

  2. Rachel on October 14, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    P.S. Thanks for the recap Maya :o )